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This year, we’ve seen more strategic consumer buying behaviours emerge.

Shoppers are increasingly mindful of making non-essential spending – and are willing to wait for sales events. For example, Australia Post reports that EOFY sales drove a 7.3% increase while ClickFrenzy lifted revenue by 3.5%.

As online retailers prepare for this year’s peak trading period, many are leaning into their tech stacks to optimise for conversion and boost average order value (AOV). Merchants are also focusing on high-intent shoppers and enhancing their on-site search experience to see impressive results.

Read on for our featured webinars, eBooks, case studies, and exciting product updates with all the ideas for increasing conversion, AOV, and customer lifetime value.



Is Your Ecommerce Experience Helping or Hindering Conversion?
2XU, Okendo, Convert Digital, and Searchspring delve into A/B testing to boost conversion rates, helping shoppers make better purchase decisions through social proofing, building customer-led conversion strategies, and much more.





23-09-Searchspring-Newsletter-Webinars-Boosting-CLVYour Ecommerce Blueprint to Boost Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Experts from Klaviyo, REVIEWS.io, and Cherry Collectables unpack the ecommerce strategies to manage segmentation, customer retention, and CLV. See how to create stronger connections that convert (and re-convert) shoppers more often.





15 Minutes of Ideas to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate
See the real-world examples, jam-packed with ideas about how leading ecommerce stores are using personalised, customer-led strategies to help shoppers find what they want online (and convert) faster than ever.




Personalised Recommendations Success: Your Essential Tactics
Don’t miss our LIVE webinar on Tuesday 26th Sep @ 10am. It’s a must-see for all online retailers looking to personalise their ecommerce experience and sell more. Join AJE ATHLETICA, Beginning Boutique, and Searchspring to unpack the ideas.




Product Updates

Searchspring has acquired Increasingly – an AI product bundling platform that displays products frequently purchased together and helps shoppers quickly add multiple products to their carts. The Google Shopping bundling feature also brings one-click add to cart for product bundles while enhancing merchants’ online search presence.


Searchspring now has state-based Geo-Merchandising, which uses location-based data to create deeper connections with shoppers through highly-personalised shopping experiences.


Searchspring now integrates directly with Tapcart, the platform that instantly turns Shopify stores into epic mobile apps, helping merchants grow revenue on autopilot. Searchspring and Tapcart work together to drive engaging product discovery experiences that keep shoppers coming back.


Stay tuned for more exciting product updates to come, including Searchspring’s cutting-edge AI-driven data and analytics suite.



23-09-Searchspring-Newsletter-eBooks-Future-Is-FastThe Future Is Fast: 4 Key Ecommerce Strategies to Increase Sales

Inspired by the on-demand webinar, this eBook takes a deep dive into the strategies from preezie, stockinstore, Rendr, and Searchspring to connect with shoppers in more engaging ways – and increase sales.





Boosting Customer Lifetime Value: Your 2023 Online Retail Guide

Dream, Plan, Action: Here’s your guide to building retention, segmentation, and ecommerce strategies that increase CLV and long-term returns.





How Broken Ecommerce Site Search Costs You Money23-09-Searchspring-Newsletter-eBooks-Broken-Site-Search

Broken site search sees online retailers losing significant revenue. Learn 7 ways to fix your website search and significantly increase online sales.





What Ecommerce Managers Haven’t Thought of for Black Friday23-09-Searchspring-Newsletter-eBooks-Not-thought-of

Learn the lesser-known strategies that every ecommerce manager should be thinking about to boost conversions this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.





Customer Stories

Rip Curl Case Study featured image - blonde, female surfer in black rip curl wet suit smiling on beach; rip curl logo, searchspring logo; the words "success story" and a pink overlayRip Curl – Daniel McLean talks about riding the wave of success by leaning into ecommerce tech. Rip Curl has already seen a 20% revenue lift and 55% increase in shoppers using search.





2XU Searchspring Success Story / Case Study Black Woman in sunglasses and athletic wear - grey spandex shorts and white tank - on a beach

2XU – Chris Ventura from 2XU details how high-performance automation and insights have driven a 100% increase in search revenue and a 16% lift in search conversion rate. Hear Chris’ insights in the recent webinar, now available on-demand.





Incu Case Study featured image _ Searchspring logo, Incu Logo, brown coat and boots, orange overlay

Incu – Alicia Davis shares how technology is doing the heavy lifting and delivering powerful, personalised shopping experiences that have driven 3.1x more revenue per visit and 3.1x higher conversion rate from search. Incu is also integrating Searchspring with Klaviyo’s email platform to show personalised recommendations throughout the buyer journey.




We’ve been delighted to see so many customers, partners, familiar faces and many new ones at recent events.


Online Retailer at the ICC in Sydney was an absolute showstopper. Ecommerce tech showcases, live podcasts, awards, and additional networking events were just a few of the highlights.

Our Melbourne event, The Future Is Fast, was our biggest ecommerce long-table lunch event ever. Hosted with our brilliant partners preezie, Rendr, and stockinstore, we were able to slow down, connect, and have valuable discussions about critical issues affecting the ecommerce industry.

Fashion Forward also delivered inspiring keynotes about the intersection of fashion and technology, tales of fashion-brand storytelling, and insightful fireside chats about all things Web 3, NFT & the Future of Digital Fashion. Searchspring was thrilled to partner with impact.comLexerYotpoDotdigitalConvert DigitalShopify, and A`fterpay, who made this event possible.


Partner Spotlights

The Klaviyo unified customer platform helps merchants turn single transactions with customers into long-term relationships at scale. Learn more about the platform and its seamless integration with Searchspring to deliver personalised email and SMS product recommendations.



Convert Digital is a leading Australian ecommerce agency that designs, develops, and optimises high-converting websites. Chris Ventura from 2XU says, “Convert Digital was able to create a website that not only looked great but also provided an exceptional user experience for customers across multiple devices and platforms”.


Seamless integration of your ecommerce tech stack is critical to minimising effort while maximising results. Convert Digital’s latest in-depth case study delves into Koko Black’s winning combination of tech partners.


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