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How Broken Ecommerce Site Search Costs You Money (and 7 Fixes)


Research from Baymard across leading ecommerce stores showed 31% of all site search and product search tasks ended in vain.

That’s almost a third of revenue that’s potentially lost forever.

How can you fix your website search issues and reclaim lost online sales?

Find out 7 fixes to create outstanding shopping experiences that boost online conversion.

Your 27-page eBook dives deep into site search best-practices, including:

  • How to make your website search bar more prominent
  • Using autocomplete to anticipate shopper needs
  • Creating a faceted search experience with advanced filters
  • How to turn zero results pages into the heroes of your ecommerce site
  • Speaking your shoppers’ language through synonyms and spell corrections
  • Increasing product relevancy with personalised search results
  • Balancing product relevancy and merchandising-driving preferences

And more ideas about the challenges and opportunities still ahead in 2023 and beyond.

Download your in-depth eBook now.