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15 Minutes of Ideas to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Searchspring's ecommerce experts give you the 15-min overview of how technology can help you boost your online store's conversion rate.


Online retailers have a tall task this year – to increase sales amid challenging economic conditions. And do you know what can make all the difference between struggling or succeeding?

Your ecommerce tech stack.

Searchspring experts Michael Smedley and Alex Ross give you the 15-min overview of how technology can help you boost your ecommerce conversion rate.

See the real-world examples, jam-packed with ideas about how leading ecommerce stores are using personalised, customer-led strategies to help shoppers find what they want online (and convert) faster than ever.

You’ll learn about:
👉 Autocomplete, synonyms, and advanced filters for faster search and product discovery
👉 Merchandising tactics to put the right products in front of the right customers + using inline banners to create stronger brand connections and engage shoppers
👉 Personalised recommendations to convert shoppers with cross-sell and upsell opportunities
👉 How to optimise your ecommerce site with Searchspring’s search, merchandising, and personalisation platform


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