Decreased Abandonment Rates


Increased Conversions


Revenue Per Visitor

SearchSpring’s Relevancy Platform™ delivers the most relevant products and content to shoppers

The new Relevancy Platform delivers an intelligent, cohesive and conversion optimized experience across your entire site including search, category, product pages and more. Intuitive visual merchandising and actionable insights empower retailers with the tools needed to drive sustainable growth.

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Relevancy Suite

Deliver a highly relevant and enaging shopping experience

The Relevancy Suite analyzes your shopper behavior to understand their intent. With deep behavioral understanding in place, the Relevancy Suite delivers highly relevant search and navigation, decreases costs, and increases customer life-time value.

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Merchandising Suite

Craft the ideal aesthetic and achieve branding goals

The Merchandising Suite provides intuitive visual merchandising tools that enable deep customization of landing pages and search results. It empowers you with the ability to utilize custom business rules to automatically prioritize house brands, high margin brands, and more.

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Insights Suite

Understand shopper behaviors and take instant action

The Insights Suite reduces the need to dig through large sets of complex data. It enables your merchandising and marketing teams by surfacing meaningful data and actionable insights.

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