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Personalized search

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It’s all about you. Using four patented pieces of AI technology, Searchspring’s Personalized Search goes beyond all else. It adjusts search results pages based on customers’ previous shopping behavior, improving relevancy and making the products they want easier to find. The end result? Happier shoppers, a loyal customer base, and higher AOV and conversion rates.

Personal product recommendations

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Give them what they want! Using customer data to track their order history and recently viewed items, recommend the products each shopper is likely to purchase while on your site. You don’t have to limit recommendations to the Product Detail Page (PDP). Engage and entice your customers with site-wide suggestions that capture their individual preferences.

Session recommendations

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Everyone loves options. Make recommendations based on a shopper’s recently viewed products, and display alternatives relevant to their interests. Leverage your user data to make in-the-moment recommendations based on the products a shopper is looking for during that particular visit.

Predictive product bundling

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Read their minds. Powered by cutting-edge AI and personalized shopper insights, Predictive Product Bundling allows merchandisers to create custom bundles or utilize Data Science Intelligence to automatically choose complimentary products based on past purchases and shopper activity. With just a single click, buyers can add these curated bundles to their cart—boosting your average order value (AOV) and streamlining the shopping journey. Plus, our in-depth reporting lets you track your AOV stats.
“For us, the power of Searchspring is its ability to read between the lines, understand our shoppers’ intent, and use smart logic to help customers discover products they’ll love. The platform also helps us make informed decisions, removing the guesswork from what we think shoppers want and showing us what they really love.”

Alicia Davis

Digital Project Specialist, Incu

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Everybody is somebody

From product discovery to post-purchase communication, today’s shoppers want personalized, relevant experiences.

Deliver that (and more) with a powerful combination of product intelligence, behavioral tracking, hyper-personalized recommendations, and automated bundles—then follow it all up with tailored content and customized messages to keep shoppers coming back.

Develop loyalty. Drive conversions. Deliver value.