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Boosting Customer Lifetime Value: Your 2023 Online Retail Guide


In 2023, shoppers are mindful of their non-essential product purchases. PwC data shows that 69% of consumers have changed their non-essential spending habits in the past six months.

Although many shoppers have less available cash than last year, 43% plan to increase their online spend – and are now making more deliberate purchase decisions.

Online retailers can cash in on those considered purchase opportunities and turn browsers into loyal, long-term customers. How?

Your detailed eBook includes insights from ecommerce innovators Searchspring,, and Klaviyo. You’ll gain:

  • The top tips for creating data-led, personalised buying experiences
  • Actionable tactics to improve the experience across the buying journey
  • The insights on leveraging your data to boost customer lifetime value

Download your in-depth eBook now.