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Why a brand assets page?

We’re often asked for brand assets, so we thought we’d make it easier for everyone. Below are some basic guidelines on our logo and brand usage. You can download any of our brand asset files. If you need something more, you can make a request with marketing [at ]

Brand Colors

These are our primary, secondary, and accent brand colors.


This is primary logo and icon. They both come in our gradient brand colors and white.

When using the logo, include enough negative space around the logo.


When using the icon, include enough negative space around the icon.


Elevator Pitch: (character count 95)

Searchspring provides intelligent site search and merchandising solutions for ecommerce stores.

Blurb Short: (character count 247)

Searchspring equips online retailers with hyper-relevant site search, intuitive navigation, and merchandising superpowers. Our analytics tools provide powerful insights into shopper behavior, and pinpoint opportunities for conversion optimization.

Blurb Medium: (character count 473)

Searchspring gives ecommerce teams search and merchandising superpowers. We help your online store grow by making it easier for shoppers to find the products they’re looking for. By automating and simplifying complex business processes, from analytics to merchandising, we make it easier to run your business, and save you time and money. With experienced support, you’ll always have the help you need, when you need it. Better results for shoppers. Better results for you.

The Guidelines

When working with our brand, please keep in mind:

  • “Searchspring” is one word and should obey the rules of proper noun capitalization – capital for the first “S”
  • The logo should be presented with equal stature to any other logo when used in a partner setting.
  • You must get expressly written permission to use the logo in any way that suggest a relationship with or endorsement by Searchspring.
  • NEVER modify the logo’s layout or orientation. Careful care and consideration went into the sizing and spacing of each element and should not be modified for any reason. If neither the primary or icon versions are suitable to your needs, contact marketing [at] for assistance.
Download our brand guide and logo assets