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Semantic Search

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Semantic Product Search offers shoppers the products they want to see – not a collection of items loosely related to their search. In just a few milliseconds, Semantic Search breaks apart words, identifying product categories and attributes. The result? Improved product discovery, higher conversion rates, and happier shoppers.


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Search Autocomplete provides helpful suggestions that appear while you type, offering the most relevant search term predictions to your shoppers. The suggestions are so quick and relevant that they make shoppers say, “Whoa—I found what I needed before I finished typing!”

All site search suite features

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Hyper-relevant and personal search results take your ecommerce site to the next level, crushing your revenue goals. Site search features include: Autocomplete, Expanded Search, Measurement Detection, Popular Searches, Semantic Search, Spelling Correction, Content Search, Synonyms, Typeahead Suggestions, and Variant Search.
Fabletics Searchspring case study
“The search functionality offered by Searchspring was a huge win for Fabletics. The filters and semantic search capabilities mean that our customer can enter the attributes they want, or search using natural language to find the results they’re looking for.”

Jamieson Yee

SVP, Global Product & QA, TechStyle Fashion Group (Fabletics Tech Partner)

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