So Many Ways To
Stand Out

Ecommerce site merchandising that puts the right products
in front of shoppers—while putting you in control.

Reduce bounce rates by helping shoppers quickly find—and purchase—what they’re looking for with AI-driven behavioral insights

Increase engagement by bringing the in-store experience online with intelligent tools that deliver personalized product recommendations

Enhance the shopper journey with configurable, predictive technology that increases cart size

Secure long-term growth by translating user intent into revenue-generating strategies with comprehensive
analytics and insights

Design what shoppers see (and what they don’t see) for a faster and easier trip to checkout.

Save time and showcase the right products to the right shoppers. Create and schedule campaigns. Add custom landing pages, apply merchandising rules, and communicate with shoppers in a way that supports your marketing and sales strategies—all while creating unparalleled experiences.

Put your products in the perfect place

Search & Category Pages

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Control the exact layout and arrangement of products for any search query, and on any category page in seconds. Arrange products by attributes, separate products from accessories, or promote results based on your business goals.

Boost Rules

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Use rules to automate the sorting and arrangement of your products. Create a rule that boosts or demotes products based on any data attribute. Think: highly rated, best sellers, highest margin products on center stage, while “out of stock” or “no images” stay out of sight.

Pin & Hide Products

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Do you have consistent best sellers? Pin them to the top of your search results or category pages to ensure they’re shown above everything else. Hide products that underperform, or move less relevant products to the bottom of results.

Create campaigns that convert

Landing Pages

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Create landing pages for your marketing campaigns. Once your page is created, you can specify the products you want to appear and place them on the page with a single click. Easily add banners for your sale or promotion, then publish your page with a shareable link.

Global Campaigns

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Boost your best-selling brand, your house label, highest rated products—whatever you choose. Create global online merchandising campaigns using automated boost rules to influence product arrangement across your entire site.

Campaign Scheduling

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Planning makes everything easier. Set a schedule for your rules on search, category, and global campaigns to align with your objectives. Once the campaign is complete, all your promotions will automatically reset to their defaults.
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Fabletics Searchspring case study
“When we got our hands on Searchspring, we quickly began making use of boost rules to automatically promote products based on best sellers, high margin items, stock levels and shopper segmentation logic. This meant much less manual merchandising work – and more time for us to spend on strategic initiatives.”

Daniel McLean

Ecommerce Manager, Rip Curl

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The key to success: Adjust, adjust, adjust

Sale Products

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Prioritize sell-through of on-sale products. This simple rule can be used to bring discounted products to the top of results, increasing conversion on these items and allowing you to offload last season’s stock.

Out of Stock Products

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Demote products that your shoppers can’t buy. This rule can be used to automatically hide products that are out of stock, demoting them at the bottom of the results set.

House Brand

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It’s never been easier to increase your revenue per visitor. Now you can use a simple rule to boost your house brand or high-margin brand to the top of search results, category pages, or across your entire site.

Craft custom buying experiences for happy shoppers

A/B Testing

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Want to build shopping experiences based on how your customers shop? A/B testing empowers you to test and compare variations of your merchandising campaigns, from boost rules and pinned products, to banners and filter order. Run experiments on Search or Category pages—then make informed decisions about future strategies.

Inline Banners

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Strategically place targeted banners within the product grid of search results and category pages. Keep browsing shoppers engaged by highlighting relevant promotions, sales, and content as they scroll.


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How we shop differs by location. Use targeting to dynamically display relevant results based on the shopper’s location. Customize messaging and promotions by region to accommodate localized shipping policies or sales. Show shoppers seasonally appropriate apparel, merchandise for their local sports team, or home and garden products that reflect their local climate.
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Merchandising Features

Search & Category Features

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Two Campaigns. One Solution. Searchspring makes the process of setting up Search and Category pages simple, intuitive, and fun to do. In a matter of seconds, put your merchandising and marketing strategies to work so you can sell more products with efficiency. Control the exact layout and arrangement of products for any search query and on any category page.

Merchandising Campaigns

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With Searchspring Merchandising, you have complete control, deciding where products are placed on each page. Create more efficient processes for your team and improve the shopper experience for higher conversions. Customize landing pages to feature a collection or create a global campaign across your entire site. With set-it-and-forget-it scheduling, you can create dynamic campaigns across the entire site or custom landing pages to feature specific collections. Global campaigns are an ideal solution to feature sale items, new products, and collections—helping you stand out from the competition.

Live Indexing

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When your site “indexes,” Searchspring grabs product information and pushes changes to the live site. Live Indexing means this push happens in 7 minutes or less, automatically. Shopify merchants eligible for Live Indexing can display product updates and price changes and ensure inventory is up-to-date faster. Use this feature to be ready for high-volume shopping periods, such as a flash sale or Black Friday.

On-site Banners

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Enjoy the power to advertise specific products and promotions on more pages to reach more people. Placing banners inline or next to search results translate to higher conversion rates when it matters most. Keep shoppers engaged by highlighting relevant promotions, sales, and content as they scroll.

All Merchandising Features

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Make shoppers feel like your site is speaking directly to them. Use Boost Rules that streamline product management by allowing you to create dynamic rules based on product attributes. Custom Filter Order enables effortless reordering and hiding of filters, optimizing customer experience by tailoring filter displays to suit individual site needs. Geo-Merchandising leverages location targeting to display region-specific content. Inline Banners capture shopper attention with targeted promotions, boosting conversion rates by showcasing relevant content as users scroll.

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Here’s how Searchspring Merchandising helps you create a next-level shopping experience your customers will rave about—and respond to.

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