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Merchandising at the Strategy Table

Cheryl Berenberg, Web Merchandiser

Cheryl’s career started in buying and planning for retailers like Macys, Brooks Brothers, Lacoste, and Coach. When Coach ventured into ecommerce, she made the online shift, overseeing and creating their merchandising strategy. Since moving to Chicago, Cheryl has put her superpowers to work for family-owned businesses like Mark Shale and Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Hosted By:

JoAnn Martin, VP of Marketing

For ecommerce teams to be as successful as possible, merchandising needs to have a seat at the strategy table.

In this episode, you’ll get to hear what this actually looks like in practice. Cheryl gave us a firsthand account of her work at iconic handbag retailer, Coach. Starting out in their buying and planning division, Cheryl was asked to help the company venture into online sales.

At the time, ecommerce was still new territory, which makes Cheryl a pioneer in web merchandising.

Since becoming a merchandiser, she’s never looked back. She’s worked for big retail players and scrappy startups alike. Today, she sees web merchandising and ecommerce content as a way to become a silent sales associate and customer advocate.

How does she make that happen? Tune in to find out.

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Highlights Worth Hearing


Why marketing needs to be aligned with merchandising


KPIs that go beyond Google Analytics


Taking Coach online: from storefront window to homepage


How taxonomy can make or break a product launch


Increasing conversions can actually be simple

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New: Personalized Recommendations that suggest hyper-relevant products in the moments that matter. Learn more!