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Who is Searchspring?

We’re on a mission to do one thing:
Give merchandisers superpowers.

We give merchandisers superpowers

How we do it

It’s not just another set of corporate values, we promise.

Customers first

Start by thinking about how you are helping the customer today and the rest will follow.

Open by default

Transparency whenever possible builds trust, trust makes teams work better. Needless privacy prevents collaboration.

Take the time to be curious

Learning allows you to grow, self growth fuels us all.

Treat everyone with respect

Embrace individualization of each other as well as their opinions and ideas.

Fail fast and publicly

Always try new things and iterate, no one is perfect, make mistakes, and share them. Mistakes we have learned from are mistakes worth sharing.

Do it now

Don’t make everything a project, get answers for your customers now whenever possible (your customer is everyone that needs something from you).

Where you’ll find us

We’re spread across five offices in three countries.

where we came from

Where we came from

As people, we come from all over. But as a company, we are the product of two different entities that merged into one in 2020. Up for a history lesson? 

What we think

The latest musings from our team