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Searchspring Culture

Searchspring is More Than a SaaS Company. We’re a Company of People on a Mission to Give Merchandisers Superpowers.

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Who is Searchspring?

Searchspring culture can be summed up in one word:
Just kidding. No it can’t. Why? Because “culture” is complex. What we can tell you is that Searchsprinklers work hard, respect each other, and every once in awhile, we go out for happy hour. We’re proud of the work we do. Each and every employee at Searchspring plays an important role in giving merchandisers superpowers.

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Our culture is built on a solid foundation of values that informs how employees act toward each other, our clients, our prospects, and our partners. We also use these values to help make decisions faster and more organically.
- Peter Messana, Searchspring CEO
searchspring employees in front of the alamo
searchspring employees winning a game
cute dog
Searchspring outing
searchspring employees winning a game
people putting their fun socks in a circle
cute dog
Searchspring employees
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cute dog
Searchspring employees at Christmas
Searchspring sign in office
Searchspring employees
Searchspring SA St Pats
Searchspring portland
Searchspring outing at top golf
searchspring employees in front of the alamo searchspring employees winning a game cute dog Searchspring outing searchspring employees winning a game people putting their fun socks in a circle cute dog Searchspring employees cute dog on zoom call cute dog Searchspring employees at Christmas Searchspring sign in office Searchspring employees Searchspring SA St Pats Searchspring portland Searchspring outing at top golf

Searchspring Values

It’s Not Just Another Set of Corporate Values, We Promise.

Customers First

Start by thinking about how you are helping the customer today and the rest will follow.

Open by Default

Transparency whenever possible builds trust, trust makes teams work better. Needless privacy prevents collaboration.

Take the Time to be Curious

Learning allows you to grow, self growth fuels us all.

Treat Everyone With Respect

Embrace individualization of each other as well as their opinions and ideas.

Fail Fast and Publicly

Always try new things and iterate, no one is perfect, make mistakes, and share them. Mistakes we have learned from are mistakes worth sharing.

Do it Now

Don’t make everything a project, get answers for your customers now whenever possible (your customer is everyone that needs something from you).

Our Leadership Team

Will Warren Searchspring CTO
Will Warren

Will brings 30 years of experience in building software to the Searchspring team. He previously worked at Endeca Technologies and was Co-founder and CTO of GroupBy Inc. – both of which have equipped him with extensive knowledge of ecommerce search, merchandising, and faceted navigation. 

Fun Fact: In his spare time, Will is an executive contributor to Battlesnake, a platform that brings developers of all skill levels together to write AI snake bots and do battle online.

Peter Messana's headshoot
Peter Messana

Peter has over 16 years of experience in the retail and technology space. Previously, he co-founded Austin Kayak, and was COO of GroupBy as well as CEO and President of Summit Sports. Additionally, Peter has held leadership roles at Dell and Home Depot, and is regarded as one of the leading retail technology minds in digital commerce.

Fun Fact: When he’s not immersed in all things ecommerce, Peter can be found exploring the great outdoors with his family.

Dori Salisbury's headshoot
Dori Salisbury
SVP of Operations

Dori has extensive Customer Relationship Management experience and a proven track record of process development, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction. Having previously worked with private equity, venture capital, and public companies, she brings a wide range of organizational experience to Searchspring. 

Fun Fact: Outside of work, you’ll find Dori on the golf course, or spending as much time as possible on or near the water.

Chantele Gibson's headshoot
Chantele Gibson
VP of Strategic Partnerships

Chantele has been with Searchspring since its early days, working in roles spanning sales and partnerships. Having led and developed our partner program, she has built strategic alliances with tech, agency, and platform partners across the globe.

Fun Fact: When she’s not in Colorado Springs, you’ll find Chantele in Cabo. She considers it her unofficial second home, and visits every chance she gets.

Jason Ferrara
Jason Ferrara

Jason Ferrara brings 30 years of marketing experience building high-performing teams, applying core fundamentals and KPIs, as well as driving progressive company cultures. Ferrara brings his extensive knowledge in growing brands to the company, leading go-to-market initiatives including communications, demand generation, and branding.

Fun Fact: The Chicago-native is passionate about all things pizza, quoting “life is better with pizza than no pizza at all”.

Travis Wheeler
Travis Wheeler
VP of Sales

Travis has over a decade of experience working for technology providers in the ecommerce industry and has even founded and sold his own Shopify store. Including Searchspring, Travis has been the VP of Sales for three different ecommerce SaaS platforms and brings experience growing and scaling sales teams that take a customer first, solution-oriented approach.

Fun Fact: Travis has a strong passion for aviation. You can often find him in his Piper Comanche, exploring the skies of Central Texas scouting out his next 18 holes of golf.

Kate Massey headshoot
Kate Massey
Head of APAC

Kate brings over 12 years of APAC SaaS experience to our leadership team, and is committed to empowering local merchants to build high-converting shopping journeys. Her successful track record has earned her multiple accolades, including CEO Magazine 2018 Young Executive of the Year and 2018 and 2019 CMO Magazine’s Top CMO50.

Fun fact: Kate has raised $100k for Cure Cancer Australia as part of her annual fundraising challenges, which have included running the New York Marathon and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mark Heinkel headshot
Mark Heinkel
VP of Finance

Mark brings over 15 years of financial experience with 10 years in the San Antonio technology space.  Having worked in fast-paced, dynamic organizations, he brings a measured approach to achieving business goals.  He enjoys the challenge of translating the complex into the relatable and focusing on growing strengths of the team.

Fun Fact: Mark enjoys distance running, traveling, and practicing the outdoor skills he used to possess back when he became an Eagle Scout.

Matt Phillips
Matt Phillips
Director, Customer Success

With 16 years in Customer Success and nearly a decade in ecommerce, Matt has worked directly with some of the world’s biggest brands to help them connect with and grow their customer base. He is driven by an innate need to help others through listening, learning, and acting. Matt thrives on problem-solving and creative thinking.

Fun Fact: Matt likes to build guitars in his spare time, unless it’s raining – then he’s probably outside.

James headshot
James Bathgate
VP of Implementations

James brings strategic development and efficiency to the customer onboarding experience in his role as VP of Implementations. More than anything, James is a problem solver. Whether that’s figuring out the best way to attack a problem with code, creating a process to optimize efficiency, or sitting down with a customer and talking through an issue with them, he loves solving problems.

Fun Fact: James was a cast member on the popular React channel on YouTube.

Tina smiling
Tina Towers
Director, Customer Support

Tina brings two decades of experience working in Point of Sale Software and ecommerce SaaS. Her client-centric attitude combined with her ability to ask the right questions and listen to our clients to get to the heart of the matter is what she shares with her team to garner results and a high level of satisfaction from our clients.

Fun Fact: Avid dog lover and self proclaimed dog nerd.  If not out on urban hike with her beloved Akita Rogue, she’s likely watching college sports.

Michael Longauer
Director of Engineering

Michael has spent his career building e-commerce software teams and services. His mission is to foster a culture and community where members are nurtured and will thrive. Whether building complex systems or diverse teams, Michael emphasizes the harmonized integration of their unique parts, and that each require support, autonomy, and room to fail if they are to succeed.

Fun Fact: Michael’s first job was dancing in a rat costume at children’s birthday parties. Naturally, this segued into a career in software management.

where we came from

Where we came from

As people, we come from all over. But as a company, we are the product of two different entities that merged into one in 2020. Up for a history lesson? 

Searchspring Benefits and Perks

At Searchspring, we include salary range on all Searchspring job postings and make sure employees see benefits and perks upfront. We want to make sure our employees are well-taken care of from the start and supported every step of the way.

  • Unlimited PTO & Paid Holidays
  • 100% Company Paid Health, Dental & Vision
  • Annual Education Budget
  • Charitable Matching
  • Searchspring MVP Program
  • Health Savings/Spending Account
  • Two-Week Fresh-Start
  • Company Game Nights & Happy Hours
  • Hybrid Work Environment
  • Retirement & 401k Plans
  • Pet Insurance
  • Start-Up Environment
  • Sabbatical
  • Professional Development

Want to Join Our Team?