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BigCommerce site search and merchandising solutions for your online store

Deliver hyper-relevant search results and take control of product display on your BigCommerce store.

Searchspring and Bigcommerce site search
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Accurate search results

While BigCommerce site search works well out-of-the-box for smaller retailers, many BigCommerce merchants have problems getting accurate results for their product catalog. Searchspring gives you full control over search results, and delivers the products your shoppers expect, every time.

drag-and-drop control

Merchandise your individual search results & category pages

Use drag-and-drop controls to arrange products by aesthetic, or use boost rules to automatically sort and rank products based on rules such as margin, product newness, or product ranking.

ecommerce reporting and insights

Reporting and insights

Custom ecommerce reports give you the data you need without all the confusing fluff. Learn which products and pages are performing well, and which aren’t; find out what your customers want that they can’t find, and much more.

Website template layout

Index as needed

With Searchspring, you can finally index your site whenever you need to. Standard accounts can manually index as often as they need, while enterprise-level accounts have access to live indexing.

Ready to learn more about BigCommerce site search and merchandising?

With Searchspring as a partner, we have framed our search capacity as a primary differentiator against our direct competition. Through five custom product finders, shoppers can immediately view products and accessories available for their particular application. With better analytics and insights, we're able to further optimize the shopping experience for our customers and improve business results.
Dean Goebel, President, CFO & COO of BB Wheels

Frequently asked questions

Does Searchspring support BigCommerce?

Yes. We fully support integration with BigCommerce.

Does Searchspring have a module or extension?

Searchspring is available in the BigCommerce app store. We’re a white glove integrator and not just another plugin.

How often does Searchspring index? How fast can Searchspring update my product information?

Depends on your catalog size. On average, for a medium-sized catalog, we index within minutes.

Can I read more about how BigCommerce integrates with Searchspring?

Of course! Check out our Knowledge Base for more information.