Introducing Predictive Product Bundling from Searchspring

When it comes to online shopping, there’s one thing that strikes fear in the hearts of buyers and merchants alike.

No, it’s not the threat of bots buying up limited inventory. Or the sticker shock that comes from rising shipping costs…

It’s the endless frustration of having to navigate endless tabs.

For too long, shoppers have had to jump between multiple pages in order to add additional products to their carts—opening countless windows and new tabs in the process. Meanwhile, merchants have been forced to build “frequently bought together” bundles in a bid to reduce bounce rates and increase average order value (AOV). It’s a lose-lose situation that’s resulted in subpar shopping experiences and reduced revenue for retailers.

That is, until today—with the release of Predictive Product Bundling.

Introducing Predictive Product Bundling from Searchspring

The concept of product bundling isn’t new to ecommerce. But with shopper expectations higher than they’ve ever been, we wanted to create a solution that went beyond anything currently available on the market.

Fortunately, Searchspring’s recent acquisition of Increasingly meant we were in a position to do just that.

Powered by Increasingly’s cutting-edge AI and personalized shopper insights, Predictive Product Bundling automatically suggests frequently bought-together products, tailored specifically to each individual shopper’s interests. With just a single click, buyers can add these curated bundles to their cart—boosting your average order value (AOV) and streamlining the shopping journey.

Retailers can either choose to curate bundles on their own, or use our Data Science Intelligence to select complementary products based on past purchases and shopper activity. They can then add up to 9 additional products to each bundle—while also having the ability to customize product cards with ratings, color and size options, CTA buttons, and more.

Once everything’s in place, buyers will see personalized suggestions recommended by our intelligent bundling system while they shop. They’ll be able to choose their desired sizes and colors for all items in the bundle without ever leaving the current page. Once they’re ready to check out, they can easily add everything to their cart with one click—no additional tabs or windows required!


How product bundling benefits retailers and shoppers

Predictive Product Bundling doesn’t just deliver convenience for both merchants and the customers they serve; it also provides:

  • Merchant confidence: Leveraging data science and shopper information, merchants can create automated bundles that take the guesswork out of product discovery.
  • Shopper Satisfaction: Help build loyalty by streamlining the shopping journey and delivering the kind of personalized experiences that today’s buyers expect.
  • Increased cross-sell opportunities: Streamline checkout and increase cart sizes by making it easy for shoppers to find and purchase the products they’re looking for.
  • More efficiency: Let our data science automatically craft the perfect product bundles for you, or take control with our flexible custom rules—you’re in control.

The result: happier customers, higher AOV, and less work for merchants and their teams. Predictive Product Bundling turns what was once a lose-lose situation into a win for everyone.

What people are saying about Predictive Product Bundling

“Predictive Product Bundling allows us to recommend products which are delivering a 9 to 1 ROI, it’s a no-brainer for us. The customer experience is much quicker, less frustrating, and customers are able to find a set of products in stock to suit their projects really easily.”

Paul Canavan, Digital Director, Wickes


“Searchspring is helping our customers find everything they need for their beauty regime. The integration was fast and the results have exceeded our targets.”

Tony Nesterov, Ecommerce Manager, AVON


“Searchspring’s AI-powered Predictive Product Bundles have helped us transform our approach to cross-selling and marketing our cross promotions. The results have proven incremental revenue and the team is great to work with!” 

Stewart Proeller, Ecommerce Manager, Canon

Higher AOV and happier customers are just a click away—schedule a demo to get started!

Not only does Predictive Product Bundling make it easier for merchants to boost AOV while increasing shopper satisfaction—our team makes it easy to set up so you can stay focused on running your online store.

Click the button below to see product bundling in action, or schedule a demo with our team to learn how Searchspring can help level up your ecommerce site with site search, merchandising, and personalization solutions!


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