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Meet the Searchspring Leadership Team

It takes a village, and at Searchspring, that village is made up of teams who work together to help provide the ultimate shopper experience.

Meet the people who lead Searchspring teams (and clients) to success.

Senior Leadership Team

Alex Kombos _ CEO _ Searchspring _ Headshot
Alex Kombos
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Alex brings several years of experience as a C-level executive to Searchspring. As a 4X founder with an entrepreneurial DNA, he has a tremendous track record of unlocking growth, profitability, and value.

Alex’s passion and expertise in the ecommerce and SaaS industries help drive results to investors, customers, partners, and employees.

Fun Fact: Alex loves to make his own wine! Having picked up the trait as a young boy at his Dad’s vineyard in Greece, he continued the tradition after moving to Long Island, NY in his 30s.

Chantele Gibson's headshoot
Chantele Gibson
Chief Customer Officer

Chantele has been with Searchspring since its early days, working in various sales roles as the company grew.

Her incredible ability to build relationships led her to develop the Searchspring Partner Program, where she continues to build strategic alliances with tech, agency, and platform partners across the globe.

Fun Fact: When she’s not at home in Colorado Springs, you’ll find Chantele in Cabo. She considers it her unofficial second home and visits every chance she gets.

Suhas Gudihal Headshot
Suhas Gudihal
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Suhas has over 30 years of experience as a business and technology executive. He was the co-founder of Anju Life Sciences Software and served as the Chief Technology and Product Officer. Prior to that, he held senior positions at AFS and CGI Consulting.

Suhas has extensive experience scaling businesses through organic growth and acquisition strategies.

Fun Fact: In his free time, Suhas is fanatically following Grand Slam and ATP tennis matches.

Mark Heinkel headshot
Mark Heinkel
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mark brings over 15 years of financial experience with 10 years in the San Antonio technology space. Having worked in fast-paced, dynamic organizations, he has a measured approach to achieving business goals.

Mark enjoys the challenge of translating the complex into the relatable and focusing on growing strengths of the team.

Fun Fact: Mark enjoys distance running, traveling, and practicing the outdoor skills he used to possess back when he became an Eagle Scout.

Rebecca Grimes - Chief Sales and Marketing Officer - Searchspring Headshot
Rebecca Grimes
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Rebecca is an expert in building and leading teams through unparalleled growth, with a proven track record of building and guiding teams through periods of exceptional growth.
Her experience in revenue optimization and building go-to-market strategies is grounded in a data-driven approach that combines qualitative and quantitative data to understand customer needs and translate that into growth and expansion plans for scale.

Fun Fact: Rebecca can often be found at amusement parks across the country with her family, riding roller coasters with her two little daredevils.

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