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Welcome to Searchspring's 2023 Black Friday Content Hub
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Searchspring and Black Friday / Cyber Monday go way back. Here’s what we know.

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Black Friday 2022 by the Numbers

2022 BFCM Data to Help You #WinBlackFriday 

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 By the Numbers Who is Searchspring? Searchspring is the #1 ecommerce search, merchandising, personalization, and insights platform. We enable merchants to drive the ultimate shopper experience. Cyber 5 Weekend Our clients produce over 16 billion on-site searches a year. Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend can drive up to a third of our monthly traffic in just five days! Below we break down shopper behavior over Cyber 5 weekend 2022. Top Searched Items YoY - Bar graph 2022 Socks - 49,976 Long Sleeve - 43,995 Leggings - 36,162 Christmas - 35,273 Cozy - 33,653 2021 Petit - 43,518 Dress - 31,027 Sweater - 28,734 Jacket - 25,900 Leg - 25,286 Biggest Changes YoY Leggings - Up 43% (neon arrows pointing up) Socks - Up 43% (neon arrows pointing up) Dress - Down 48% (neon arrows pointing down) Petit - Down 99% (neon arrows pointing down) Mobile Reigns (again) Mobile - 75% (mobile phone icon) Desktop - 23% (desktop icon) Tablet - 2% (tablet icon) Top Clothing Searches 1. Socks 2. Long Sleeve 3. Leggings 4. Pants 5. Cozy Knit (colorful socks) Top Home Goods and Decor Searches 1. Recliners 2. Sofas 3. Sectionals 4. Chairs 5. Blanket (reclining black leather and wood chair) Top Entertainment Searches 1. Balloons 2. Disney 3. Harry Potter 4. Star Wars 5. Demon Slayer (colorful balloons) Trending French-Language Searches (merci, Quebec) Bottes Casquette Pantalon Femme Tuque Mitaines (Quesbec skyline drawing) Search Inquiries By Day Black Friday - 25% Cyber Monday - 22% Small Business Saturday - 21% Sunday - 17% Thanksgiving - 15% As trends continue to evolve, searchspring is here to help your business stay ahead of the curve by optimizing your site for better search, merchandising, and personalization. To learn more about searchspring visit (megaphone icon in neon yellow) Searchspring logo

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