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Shopify site search and merchandising solutions for your ecommerce store

Help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for on your Shopify plus store with ecommerce search and merchandising.

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Merchandise your collection pages and search results

Customize the layout and order of products on your collection pages. Easy-to-use controls enable you to order products based on rules. Clear out inventory by prioritizing low-stock items, or boost your conversion rates by moving best sellers to the top. Or simply drag-and-drop products exactly where you want them.

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Accurate search results

While Shopify and Shopify Plus search works well out-of-the-box for smaller retailers, many Shopify merchants have problems getting accurate results for their product catalog. Searchspring gives you full control over search results, and delivers the products your shoppers expect, every time.

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Category sort and filter options for your shoppers

Rather than being stuck with default sort, create brand new sort options to make it easier for shoppers to find what they want on your Shopify store. Searchspring allows you to overcome common filter restrictions with dynamically generated filters that can be manually selected and sorted.

Product Insights

Reporting and insights

Custom ecommerce reports give you the data you need without all the confusing fluff. Learn which products and pages are performing well, and which aren’t; find out what your customers want that they can’t find, and much more.

Leverage all your data

With Searchspring, you can finally take advantage of all the data you have at your disposal. Utilize data from any source, whether in-house or from a 3rd party to improve the quality of your search results and collection navigation.

Ready to learn more about Shopify search and merchandising?

Searchspring has been a crucial tool for Dia, both because of its excellent product and talented team. Beyond providing search and filtering capabilities, they have been a great partner as Dia’s ecommerce experience has evolved. Searchspring is always available to collaborate on solutions - they feel just like an extension of the Dia team.
Arpita Dhundia, Director of Engineering, Dia&Co.

Frequently asked questions

Does Searchspring support Shopify?

Yes. We fully support all recent versions of Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Does Searchspring have a module or extension?

We’re a white glove integrator and not just another plugin. We leverage Shopify’s latest API using GraphQL to ensure the most efficient data processing, while keeping indexing times to a minimum. So you can rest assured that your product data and results are as up to date as possible for your shoppers.

How often does Searchspring index? How fast can Searchspring update my product information?

Depends on your catalog size. On average, for a medium-sized catalog, we index within minutes.

Can I read more about Shopify merchandising and how it integrates with Searchspring?

Of course! Check out our Knowledge Base for more information.