What Does the Future of the Ecommerce Industry Hold?

What does the future of the ecommerce industry hold? We pulled the data and surveyed 98 retailers to find out. Read the findings in this ecommerce report.

After the year-long curveball that was 2020, many predictions that were previously made about “the future of ecommerce” became an accelerated reality.

No matter your vertical, annual revenue, or team size, all online retailers had one thing in common:

It was kind of a hard year.

If it all passed you by in a blur, this ecommerce report has everything you might have missed. We surveyed 98 ecommerce retailers to find out how they adapted during the pandemic, and where they plan to focus and invest in 2021.

Download the full report to find out:
  • Which 2020 learnings will continue to influence the ecommerce industry
  • What online retailers are predicting in their 2021 sales outlook
  • Where automation is helping and hindering the shopping experience
  • What personalization means to retailers, and how it will factor into 2021

We also noticed interesting trends in our own customer data, which will help shape your strategy and prepare your store for what the future of ecommerce holds in 2021.

Grab a coffee. Take a moment. You made it.

What we learned about the future of ecommerce

“This was our biggest year in terms of revenue, and also our toughest year in terms of work. I’m sure almost everyone in ecommerce feels the same.”

While retailers scrambled to adapt in 2020, consumers were spending all that extra time at home refining their online shopping skills. If your customers weren’t shopping around before, they are now.

Expectations for intuitive shopping experiences are at an all time high. And, you’re not just competing with others in your industry. Your site’s ease of use is being compared to every other digital platform out there – from Netflix to Spotify to Amazon.

From automation and personalization, to brand experience and customer support – we asked retailers where they’re investing in 2021, and how they plan to differentiate in a crowded market. Download the full ecommerce report to find out how they’re continuing to drive change in the industry.

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