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Shoppers Who Use Site Search on PEARL iZUMi Are Four Times More Valuable

“For a technical apparel brand like Pearl iZUMi, product findability is crucial. In order for brands to succeed, they need to create collections that are easy to browse, provide accurate search results, and have powerful merchandising options. Searchspring worked closely with our team to provide solutions that met those needs and coordinated any optimizations that were needed.”

Rebecca Olson, Head of Project Management, eHouse Studio

Man riding bike with helmet and on. Riding next to red rocks in a desert setting


PEARL iZUMi designs, manufactures, and sells high-quality mountain biking, cycling, and outdoor gear with a commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly business practices, and a focus on building a strong cycling community.

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eHouse Studio is a Shopify ecommerce agency, that combines the best UX design, technology, and analytics that produce superior results for brands and retailers. Their team of experienced strategists, designers, and developers are dedicated to building and optimizing sites that shoppers love, and implementing retention tactics that keep them coming back. 

NoFraud is an ecommerce fraud prevention and checkout solution that protects businesses from fraudsters, eliminates chargeback losses, and provides smoother, more frictionless checkout experiences for trusted shoppers.


PEARL iZUMi was struggling with its current ecommerce platform. Bug fixes, maintenance issues, and limitations were preventing their marketing team from focusing on customer experience and business growth. 

Despite their platform’s fraud filters, PEARL iZUMi was still experiencing a significant amount of chargebacks. The team struggled to distinguish loyal customers with high-risk purchasing patterns from fraud, resulting in false declines and lost revenue. 

Using the native search functionality of their platform, the PEARL iZUMi team struggled to keep up with the manual tasks of merchandising their site. They also recognized a need for an enhanced search solution that could not only improve the user experience but keep their shoppers engaged on-site longer.

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PEARL iZUMi teamed up with eHouse Studio to migrate their online store to Shopify Plus, opening up a brave new world for the marketing team. With Shopify Plus, their team was free to take critical next steps in developing the brand’s online presence. 

Additionally, re-platforming provided a flexible foundation, enabling the company to scale the site and add enhancements and features over time to continuously provide leading-edge shopping experiences. 

Looking to offer PEARL iZUMi more control over merchandising products, eHouse Studio leveraged Searchspring to give the brand total control over how products were displayed throughout the site.

PEARL iZUMi applies global rules to boost or demote products on search results and collection pages based on variables within their product data. For example, if an item goes out of stock, boost rules ensure that items with an inventory of zero are not being displayed. This ensures that shoppers are experiencing a seamless online experience, finding only available items to purchase. 

In order to create a more frictionless checkout experience for their shoppers, PEARL iZUMi turned to NoFraud. Their fraud prevention and checkout solutions enabled the brand to approve and automate the fulfillment of healthy transactions with high-risk purchasing patterns – previously declined by their platform – increasing revenue, improving the user experience, and driving brand loyalty.

man and women riding bikes in helmets and sunglasses. Desert setting


Within the first month after implementing Searchspring, PEARL iZUMi saw that shoppers who used site search were four times more valuable than shoppers who did not. While they found that 11% of their overall revenue was attributed to site search, they also experienced a four times conversion rate on cross-sell product recommendations on their cart page.

  • 4.2x more value from shoppers who used site search
  • 11% of overall revenue was attributed to site search
  • 4x conversion rate from cross-sell recommendations 


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