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Ecommerce Product Recommendations

Getting the Right Products in Front of the Right Customer at the Right Time Has Never Been Easier

Recommend products a shopper is likely to purchase based on order history and recently viewed items. Personalized Ecommerce Product Recommendations are your key to higher conversions and building a loyal customer base.

Expand recommendations beyond the product detail page and engage customers with site-wide suggestions that capture their individual preferences to deliver the ultimate shopper experience.

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“The way to win in ecommerce is with an extremely personalized journey, and Searchspring gives you the ability to do that.”

– Emma Mcilroy, CEO of Wildfang
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How Do Personalized Ecommerce Product Recommendations Work?

Artificial Intelligence. Widgets. Data Science. 

There’s a lot that goes into Searchspring’s personalization technology. We use a range of data science techniques to analyze relationships between products and learn from viewing and buying behavior of shoppers. This is all done through a widget placed on your site. Once it’s in place, sit back and let it do all the work for you. You’ll have recommendations that constantly evolve and the power to learn from your shoppers’ experience. Each shopper sees a personalized set of recommended products based on their individual behavior.

Product Recommendations use artificial intelligence to gain deep insight into behavioral data and display hyper-relevant products that engage shoppers and boost conversions. 


Key Features:

  • Simple Setup: Choose the type, placement, and tweak templates — all from the Searchspring Management Console. 
  • Powerful Controls: Filter products that aren’t in stock or create cross-sell recommendations with other products that complements the one they’re viewing.
  • Place Anywhere: On the homepage, recommend products based on what was recently viewed; If a shopper gets zero results from a search, recommend trending products; Mix and match cross-sell and up-sell recommendations on a product display page – and more!

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