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Search and Category Pages

You Decide Where Products Should Go on Each Page to Get Shoppers to Buy What You’re Selling
What do you want to merchandise? Search bar and category options for merchandising product page

Put your merchandising and marketing strategies to work so you can sell more products with efficiency with Search and Category Pages. Control the exact layout and arrangement of products for any search query and on any category page.

In a matter of seconds, arrange products by attributes, separate products from accessories, or boost results based on your business goals.

How Do Merchandising Search and Category Pages Work? 

Two Campaigns. One Great Solution.

Searchspring makes the process of setting up Search and Category pages simple, intuitive, and fun to do.

With Searchspring Merchandising, YOU decide where products should go on a page and have complete control. By merchandising search and category pages, you save time and money by creating more efficient processes for your team and improve the shopper experience for higher conversions.

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