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Product Merchandising Features

Searchspring Makes Merchandising Easy With the Product Merchandising Suite

Ecommerce Merchandising Made Easy With Product Merchandising Features to Take Your Site to the Next Level

Boost Rules 

Product Boosting Rules change the way retailers manage products on their site. Instead of telling ecommerce software where to put items individually, you take control and create rules based on product attributes and the system dynamically orders products.

Convert more customers by promoting what sells and what’s important. 


Custom Filter Order 

Create a Custom Filter Order by overriding the default filter order. You can reorder them simply by dragging into the preferred order. Custom Filter Order also makes it easy to hide filters from showing up entirely. A Custom Filter Order provides a better customer experience by organizing filters in a way that works best for your site.



Use real-time targeting to dynamically display relevant results based on the shopper’s location. Customize messaging and promotions by region to accommodate localized shipping policies or sales.

Show shoppers seasonally-appropriate apparel, merchandise for their local sports team, or home and garden products that reflect their local climate. Afterall, it’s less likely that a person in Texas would need to see a snowmobile jacket in December than a person in Minnesota. Keep your products relevant and it will perform better. 


Inline Banners 

Keep shoppers engaged by highlighting relevant promotions, sales, and content as they scroll by easily adding Inline Banners to your ecommerce site.

Inline Banners give you the power to advertise specific products and promotions on more pages to reach more people – which means higher conversion rates when it matters most. 

Learn More About Inline Banners


Live Indexing 

Clients who are on the Shopify platform* and are on the Expert Level pricing tier get the real-time satisfaction they deserve with Live Indexing.With Live Indexing, updated product information is displayed faster – which further ensures that the right product gets in front of the right person at the right time.

Learn More About Live Indexing


Merchandising Campaigns 

Merchandising Campaigns help you stand out from the competition. With set-it-and-forget-it scheduling, you can create dynamic campaigns across the entire site or custom landing pages to feature specific collections.

Campaigns make it easy to integrate marketing and ecommerce strategies to reach your goals and provide the ultimate shopper experience. 

Learn More About Merchandising Campaigns


Pinning Products

You decide what the customer sees because you know what works for your store. Set the exact order of products and Pin specific items to the top of pages.


Removing Products

If you don’t want a product to appear in a result set at all, Searchspring makes it easy to remove them. You can also view all products that have been removed and re-add them when the time is right to improve your merchandising strategy.

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