Why You Need a Black Friday Nurture Campaign

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Why You Need a Black Friday Nurture Campaign

How do you define Black Friday success? Is it a fleeting spike in sales? Or an influx of shoppers who keep coming back for more? Repeat customers are the key to sustainable ecommerce growth. If you want to turn short-term gains into year-round impact this Black Friday, now is the time to develop a strategic nurture campaign.


How to Engage Last Year’s Buyers This Black Friday

Did last year’s Black Friday shoppers vanish post-sale? Re-engage these customers to boost repeat purchases.

1. Build a Relationship with New Shoppers

Review your Black Friday sales data to identify the percentage of new customers acquired last year. Next, determine how many of those first-time buyers returned to your site in the weeks and months after Black Friday. If the proportion of one-off customers is high, you need to work on your nurture strategy. Segment this audience and develop a targeted sequence of emails and ads – your goal is to gradually build a relationship that doesn’t exclusively revolve around discounts. Instead, focus on forming a lasting connection that reinforces your brand value. 

2. Reward Loyalty

If your Black Friday reports reveal a high rate of returning shoppers, congrats! Customer retention is no easy feat, especially following a promotional period. Create a separate segment for this audience and continue to engage and reward them throughout the year. As the holidays approach, ramp up your efforts. Other retailers will be competing for your customers over Black Friday, so remind shoppers why they should choose your store. Consider offering early sale access for your most loyal fans, surprise gifts at checkout, or other perks like free express shipping. This phase of the nurture strategy is all about maintaining a familiar presence and staying top of mind for future purchases.

3. Leverage Last Year’s Data

Beyond sales data, review the Black Friday messaging and creative that resonated in the past. Did you A/B test any promotional banners? Were certain merchandising rules more effective than others? Double down on successful tactics to refine this year’s campaign. Likewise, examine shopper behavior reports and identify any obstacles in the path to purchase. Start this process early so you have time to optimize your UX and checkout experience ahead of this year’s sales. If customers experienced delays or problems in the past, reach out directly to let them know these issues have been resolved (and consider offering an incentive if they give your store another chance this year).


How to Turn This Year’s Shoppers Into Repeat Customers

Don’t wait until Black Friday is over to develop your next nurture campaign. Gather the right data early and kick off your communications as soon as the sales are over.

1. Start Early

For new customers, the Black Friday nurture journey typically begins with an order confirmation. Be personal, thank the shopper for their purchase, and offer clear information on shipping timelines. Make sure customer support details are also included in case they have any initial queries. Provide regular updates on their order status and don’t be afraid to reach out for a product review or feedback post-delivery. A good first impression will serve you well as you build an ongoing relationship with new customers.

2. Incentivize Future Purchases

Every ecommerce retailer knows customer retention is far more cost effective than acquisition. Post-Black Friday, your nurture campaign should focus on turning seasonal shoppers into repeat buyers. Invite new customers to join your loyalty program and offer an exclusive discount or gift with their next purchase. Send customized emails with relevant offers and targeted incentives. Encourage shoppers to follow your social media accounts to engage with your community. Most importantly, showcase your story and values to establish brand affinity in customers’ minds.

3. Follow Up with Personalized Recommendations

To build a truly authentic relationship with your customers, you need to demonstrate an understanding of their needs and preferences. Make future purchases effortless with personalized recommendations based on individual order history. Surface more of the products shoppers love with targeted emails that drive return visits to your store. Once on site, continue to customize the shopping experience with hyper-relevant suggestions that reflect past purchases, recently viewed items, or complementary accessories. With intelligent, 1:1 targeting, your shoppers will feel like your store is built just for them.

Play the Long Game with a Black Friday Nurture Campaign

Black Friday is more than an isolated sale, it’s an opportunity to boost loyalty and acquire customers that return to your store again and again. Nurture your seasonal shoppers, and you’ll reap the rewards throughout the year.


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