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Relevant Product Recommendations for Black Friday

5 Ways to Level Up Relevant Product Recommendations This Black Friday

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Relevant Product Recommendations Personalize the Shopping Journey 

Cyber Weekend is the biggest weekend of the year for bargain hunters. However, all the sales can be overwhelming. Take time to simplify, streamline, and level up your Black Friday strategy with hyper-relevant product recommendations.


5 Types of Black Friday Recommendations

Simplify the customer journey, boost conversions, and increase average order value (AOV) with relevant product recommendations.

1. Upsell Higher Price Points

Use upsell recommendations to display slightly higher-priced, but similar products to what shoppers are viewing. This type of recommendation is even more effective during Black Friday sales because shoppers often have higher budgets. When a customer is looking for a laptop, they visit your site on Black Friday ready to buy. Use this opportunity to show them recommendations as they browse for slightly more expensive models. 

Remember: Be conscientious of the customer’s budget. Don’t upsell a $5,000 laptop to someone looking at $500 devices. 

2. Cross-sell Complementary Accessories

Cross-sell recommendations show complementary products to the one the shopper is viewing. Given that Black Friday shoppers come to a site with a specific product in mind, cross-sell recommendations increase cart size and conversion rates. 

Use cross-sell suggestions to highlight accessories and improve visibility of product lines to increase conversions and cart size. For example, someone shopping for a new TV could be tempted to also buy a compatible speaker. 

3. Bundle Bargains Together

Product recommendations can be used in many way. One way is to promote products that are “Frequently Purchased Together.” Like cross-selling, product bundling encourages shoppers to add more products to their cart. Include an additional incentive (or a bundle offer), for an even greater impact – especially during Black Friday. If a customer plans to buy perfume, offer the matching body lotion and bath set at a discount.

Bonus tip: Bundle slow-moving stock with popular products to clear out end-of-season inventory.

4. Personalize Product Suggestions

During the biggest sale of the year, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Don’t make shoppers to scroll your entire sale catalog. Instead, personalize the buyer journey with recommendations that reflect their individual preferences and behavior on your site.

Greet returning customers with personalized suggestions right away on the homepage. Display more products you know they love as they browse to keep them engaged. Intelligent tracking ensures recommendations become more and more personal as the shopper interacts thanks to a little help from AI technology. When customers find the most relevant items, higher conversions follow. 

5. Reach Out with Recommendations

Cut through the clutter in inboxes with personalized email recommendations. With an endless stream of promotional communications, customers are more likely to notice an offer that is relevant to them. Get this info from purchase history or recently viewed items. Let shoppers know their favorite product is part of your Black Friday sale or share an exclusive discount.

Personalized emails not only boost conversions, they also help build customer loyalty and relationships that last all year-round.

Boost Black Friday Conversions with Relevant Product Recommendations

Serve up hyper-relevant product recommendations this Black Friday and streamline the path to purchase. Following these best practices will help simplify purchasing decisions and boost the bottom line. 


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