Omnichannel Strategy for Black Friday

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Linear shopping journeys are a thing of the past. Today’s always-on consumer continuously switches between store and screen, and expects a seamless journey throughout. 

As Black Friday approaches, customers will be more likely to engage with multiple touchpoints as they seek out the best deals. To establish a consistent experience, you need a fully-integrated omnichannel strategy. 


6 Ways to Optimize Your Omnichannel Strategy this Black Friday

Deliver a cohesive path to purchase this Black Friday, no matter where your customers browse and buy.


1. Campaign Messaging

In the run-up to Black Friday, a customer might drop by your store, check out your social media channels, open your app, and visit your website for the latest news and deals. With so many touchpoints, cross-channel consistency is key. Every interaction should feature the same campaign messaging and creative. Launch Black Friday campaigns simultaneously across all channels and sync sale updates as the big day approaches. Coordinated in-store and online merchandising builds anticipation and keeps your brand top of mind. 

2. Product Discovery

For many shoppers, purchasing decisions are made long before Black Friday. Curate pre-sale displays in-store and on ecommerce landing pages so customers can research deals in advance. When Black Friday arrives, purchase-ready shoppers will make a beeline for the relevant department, so provide clear signage and directions – especially if your store layout changes during the sale. Online, facilitate quick conversions with prominent sale links throughout your merchandising and social media. Finally, test and configure your site search to deliver hyper-relevant results for shoppers who know exactly what they want. 

3. Product Recommendations

Take product discovery to the next level with personalized recommendations. Remember, Black Friday shoppers don’t want to work to find the best deals. As customers browse, surface relevant suggestions based on individual preferences. In physical stores, display complementary accessories and bundle offers together. Cross-sell recommendations are particularly effective during flash sales, as shoppers are in the mood to impulse buy. Couple recommendations with retargeting ads and personalized emails to skyrocket average order value. 

4. Inventory and Fulfillment

Inventory forecasts are difficult at the best of times. Refer to last year’s site reports as well as recent trends to inform Black Friday stock allocation across your sales channels. Implement live indexing on your site to display accurate product availability during high-traffic periods, and offer alternative omnichannel options for sold-out inventory. For example, equip online shoppers to check stock levels at their local store and reserve products for pickup. Or, for in-store shoppers who miss out, display signage that directs them to your website for restock notifications. 

5. Checkout

Whether in store or online, nobody wants to spend Black Friday navigating a chaotic checkout. At brick-and-mortar locations, take steps to manage crowds and accelerate payment processing. For shoppers who prefer to skip the store, ensure the ecommerce checkout process is effortless. Test for bugs and streamline forms on both the website and mobile app for easy conversions. Lastly, don’t forget to test the UX of external channels, including in-platform social media sales. If the customer experience doesn’t stack up, consider driving social traffic directly to your ecommerce site instead. 

6. Customer Service

Black Friday is almost guaranteed to place a strain on your customer service team. Minimize queries with clear communication and signage at every touchpoint. Update your website FAQ and add merchandising banners to highlight any delays to standard delivery times. For shoppers who need added support, clearly signpost your in-store customer service desks and make online contact options visible. Conduct specific Black Friday customer service training for in-store assistants, online agents, call center staff, and social media teams. No matter the question or mode of contact, an omnichannel approach should guarantee clear, quick, and consistent responses. 


Deliver a Seamless Omnichannel Experience for Black Friday Shoppers

Retailers have never had so many avenues to reach Black Friday shoppers. Ecommerce sites, brick-and-mortar stores, mobile apps, and social selling open up new and innovative channels to drive sales. But to achieve consistent campaign execution, you need a dedicated omnichannel strategy. 


Ready to win Black Friday with a seamless shopping experience at every touchpoint? Check out our Black Friday Content Hub to get your store ready!

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