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Tapping Into Mobile Commerce Webinar with Tapcart

Enhancing the Shopper Experience Across Mobile Devices with Searchspring and Tapcart. Create Engaging Shopping Experiences That Drive Revenue and Customer Loyalty.


Searchspring joined our friends at Tapcart for a mini webinar to chat about mobile commerce and our new integration with Tapcart.

This integration enhances the overall shopping experience, making it more productive and enjoyable across mobile devices.

Merchants can solve product discovery problems, increase customer loyalty, and drive more revenue by combing the power of Searchspring’s on-site search and merchandising capabilities with Tapcart’s easy-to-build mobile app platform.

All this sounds great, but we also know you have questions, so let’s talk about them. In this on-demand webinar, we go through some FAQs and share how brands can harness the power of mobile commerce and keep shoppers coming back for more.

Here are just a few questions covered in the webinar:
  • What are the major pain points for merchants when going mobile?
  • How does Tapcart help solve those pain points? 
  • How do Searchspring x Tapcart work together to help you deliver the ultimate shopping experience?


Ready to learn more about the Searchspring and Tapcart integration? Watch the on-demand webinar below.👇


Hi, I’m Chantele SVP of global partnerships at Searchspring


Today, we are here to talk about all things mobile commerce with our partner Tapcart.


I’m joined by John Knox.


John, do you want to tell us a little bit about yourself?


Sure. My name’s John Knott, you know, technology, partner manager at Tapcart, really appreciate you having us on today. But in the e-commerce space for about eight years before coming to Tapcart, I was actually at Clyde and Omni sent for a few years. Before, that was even an early employee at shipped back in the day. For those unfamiliar, Tapcart is the leading mobile commerce solution for Shopify, Shopify, Plus brands. We help brands like Chubbies Ruggable, roommate, Volcom e just to name a few, launched dedicated mobile apps so they can optimize the nearly 80% of e-commerce traffic that’s coming in from mobile.




Well, I’ve got a few questions to get the conversation started.


This is a very short session, So I want to get to the meaty stuff quickly, why is mobile so important?


Great question, an excellent place to start. It really ties back to that fact that I that I just stated with you. So 80% of all e-commerce traffic is happening today on mobile, which is pretty staggering.


It doesn’t necessarily translate to the same percentage of revenue in terms of conversion.


This is a pretty substantial change in consumer behavior that we’ve seen over the past several years, in particular, of a total amount of worldwide mobile users.


Now, over five point five billion, the mobile commerce spend now up to 4000 billion. And then the amount of time spent an app versus browser has climbed almost 91% as well, which is pretty staggering. If you think about it, you know, you wake up. That’s an app you in, your alarm clock, you know, put on some music on soundcloud, or Spotify. As you’re walking to the gym. That’s also an app you’re checking in at the gym, an app. So it’s a little odd that we’re expecting consumers to be shopping in a mobile browser. But everything else we do is inside of a highly optimized, user friendly mobile app.


And here’s some things that we’re seeing, you know, historically, with mobile web, which are a big pain point for current customers, know, oftentimes in a mobile browser, you know, there’s 20 to 30 form fields you’re filling out. It’s not assigned an experience. rights.


Was not terribly personalized, Poor user experience. The UI UX is kind of clunky, and not necessarily intuitive.


By being able to launch a mobile app, you’re able to fix these headaches and provide a better, more meaningful, sticky experience for folks and app. And this is outside of the fact that you’re able to leverage push notifications as well. So here is a little bit of insight in terms of what folks are seeing and why mobile is so important to them.


Awesome. Well, I know I love my mobile apps, So I know that there’s definitely some major pain points.


Talk to us a little bit about what are the major pain points for merchants when going mobile?


Yeah. That’s a good question, I think the common misconceptions here about launching a mobile app is costly, time consuming, right? So it’s only available for the true, you know, Fortune 500 companies, and that historically has been, you know, somewhat true, right? It’s been very costly. You know you could spend 9 to 12 months of lead time working with an agency, it could be upwards of $100,000 because everything was being built custom, right, but it was bespoke.


It was a one of a kind mobile app, and not every e-commerce brand has the luxury, or frankly, wants to spend the time and resources to, to do. To do things in that antiquated way. To have been able to Really democratize or lower. the barrier of entry for e-commerce brands to be able to consider a mobile app, right.


We work with, you know, true enterprise brands like Chubbies, which I know is a mutual customer of Searchspring, the Fashion nova’s of the world, for an example. But we work just as well with those mid market and emerging brands as well. So we’re truly able to meet customers where they are and be able to optimize their mobile traffic, which, again, is about 80% of our e-commerce brands are seeing their customers are. And being able to get more out of those customers, right. More sessions per user, increase in customer lifetime value, and an overall better retention magnet inside of a mobile app.


So, here’s the question of the day, How does Tapcart help?


How does tap cart solve all of these, you know, pain points that you mentioned?


Yeah, I think, you know, summarizing it a few key points here. First and foremost, you’re able to leverage Push notifications. When we think about the own marketing flywheel, we have e-mail. We have SMS, and now we have pushed, as well.


Push notifications are an incredible way to drive customer behavior, to drive folks back into the app, to remind them of an abandoned cart to encourage them to shop new products that you’ve released, right. And there’s lots more that we can do, especially with the power of Searchspring data and merchandising. So being able to leverage push notifications is an incredible way. You can increase the number of sessions per user, or effectively increase the number of times that customers are coming back to the app, right. Making a stickier place for customers to shop. Secondly is that it’s a really intimate channel, right? We’ve already talked about the ways that we’ve been able to improve the UI UX, being able to improve the conversion rate, an app versus mobile browser. We’re seeing up to 2 to 3 times greater conversion rate and app than what you’d be able to see on a mobile browser as well. So, thinking about your, your 30% cohort, that’s your most, your most involved, your most engaged, your VIP customers.


Imagine getting 2 to 3 times X revenue from that segment, That’s really the power of tap card is the incrementality and being able to get more from your existing customer base. I know that retention is super top of mind for folks, as customer acquisition costs rise, as folks are looking to do more with less, tap card is an incredible way to do more, with less.




We all want to put more money in our bank accounts.


So, let’s talk a little bit more about how Tapcart and Searchspring work.


No. So well together.


Yeah. I think what Searchspring does well, at that, at a very fundamental level, is that it meets customers where they are in terms of what they’re searching for, or if they don’t even realize that they’re searching for, But they’re excited to see. Right? That taking of popular items, thinking of items that are maybe new opportunities to search and discover exactly what you’re looking for. This is the power of Searchspring. And through our integration, we’re able to do that embedded inside of the app. So, just like you would walk into a store, and you’d be able to find everything you’re looking for. Or at least be able to tell the salesperson, Hey, I’m looking for a shirt that has this kind of cut, or is this color a particular, you’re able to do the same sort of searching, searching, and filtering inside of the Tapcart app, as well.


So, effectively, are able to solve the product discovery problems that e-commerce merchants are having by combining the power of Searchspring on-site, searched merchandising capabilities with tap cards. Easy to build, mobile app Platform. It’s a match.


Made it Totally. And we’re enhancing that shopping experience and making it a unified experience as well.


Love it.


So, how can e-commerce merchants learn more about the Tapcart and Searchspring integration?


Absolutely. We certainly do have lots of documentation that they’re able to find online. I would say your Searchspring CSM is probably a great place to go, as well. In addition to that, we’re more than happy to, to engage with you and answer any questions. That, you might have one off as well. We’re actually happy to offer all Searchspring customers, two months of free Tapcart. In addition to customizing an app designed for you as well, and that’s something that we’re just offering Searchspring customers as well. So we’d be more than happy to connect, feel free to reach out to your Searchspring rep, or feel free to engage with us as well. I’m sure we can make sure that there’s contact information available, or if all else fails, you can go to tap cart dot com, and you can contact us there as well.


And they could also go to the integrations page two on the Tapcart website. Right.


That’s right, yeah, Feel free To go to the Integrations page. There’s lots of insight there as well as, as Help Center documentation on our end as well.


Perfect. Well, hey, I really appreciate catching up with you today. Great insight, lotsa, lots of great information.


So, thanks again for joining us, and have a great rest of your day, we appreciate it as well.


If you’d like to learn about integrating Searchspring on your Tapcart mobile shopping app, and you’re already a Searchspring and Tapcart user, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get squared away.

If you’re not a Searchspring user and would like to learn more about how to provide the ultimate shopper experience through Search, Personalization, Merchandising, and Insights, you can request a demo tailored especially for you.