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Email Recommendations Webinar with Klaviyo

Control the Entire Customer Lifecycle with Searchspring Personalized Email Recommendations. From Homepage to Follow-Up, Your Messaging Has Never Been So Personalized.


Searchspring got together for a webinar with our friends at Klaviyo to talk all about our new Personalization feature: Searchspring Personalized Email Recommendations.

With this new feature, ecommerce retailers control the entire customer lifecycle. From homepage to follow-up, shoppers can now get consistent, personalized messaging.

Personalized Email Recommendations are one of the many ways we help you get the right product in front of the right customer at the right time.

All this sounds great, but we also know you have questions, so let’s talk about them. In this on-demand webinar, we go through some FAQ and introduce you to Searchspring Personalized Email Recommendations.

Here are just a few questions covered in the webinar:
  • How do Searchspring Personalized Email Recommendations work with Klaviyo email?
  • My ecommerce platform already offers email recommendations. Why do I need Searchspring’s Personalized Email Recommendations?
  • I already use a different platform for Personalized Email Recommendations. Why should I switch to Searchspring?

Ready to learn more about Searchspring Personalized Email Recommendations? Watch the on-demand webinar below.👇



Hey, everyone, Welcome to today’s webinar.


We’re talking about Personalized e-mail recommendations new feature that Searchspring has recently launched, And we’re excited to have you here. Listening to this particular webinar, my name is Jason Ferrara.


I am the CMO at Searchspring. I’ll be the moderator for today’s webinar in our conversation about personalized e-mail recommendations.


Know, the thing that Searchspring that we really focus on is how to help merchants drive the ultimate shopper experience.


No, we do that because we recognize, just like you do, The shoppers hate it when they go to a site and they can’t find what they want.


No, they leave, they don’t come back and that’s a problem for conversion, for sales, for the roi of your spend.


That’s where Searchspring comes in.


Through site search, and merchandising and personalization, and insights and data to understand shopper behavior.


That’s how we work with you to help you drive the ultimate shopper experience.


So today we’re talking about a part of that experience, which is personalized e-mail recommendations.


We’ve got two great panelists today, And I will invite them to turn their video on, so we can see who they are.


We can get some introductions, and we can go through, go through our little Q and A, and our session today, So first, I’d like you, guys to introduce yourselves. You’ll do a way better job. And I will so Salma, why don’t we start with you? Go ahead and introduce herself, and then Carlos, jump on, and right after Selma.


Thanks, Jason. I am Salma Mashkoor. I work at Searchspring as a Senior Product Manager, and I work on all things personalization. And that’s what I hope to bring to the table today.


Great. Thanks, Carlos. How about you?


Everyone, my name is Carlos Barrero, I’m a strategic partner manager working with third party tech companies like Searchspring that integrate with Klaviyo. I wear several hats, but ultimately, I’m focused on helping our partners grow with Klaviyo, and build integrations that deliver real value for mature customers.


Thanks so much.


All right, so both, all three of us, but the both of you have a real passion for personalization, for communication to shoppers and customer merchants customers. So, that’s one of the reasons. You know why we have this product, this e-mail recommendations product, salma.


Why don’t you start, just describe the Searcspring personalized e-mail recommendations? Product, You know, what is it? And, just generally, what does it do?


Absolutely. Yeah. So, what e-mail recommendations allow us to do is really take control of the entire shopping experience. So, starting from your site and all the way over into the shopping cart, we are able to get the right product in front of the right shopper, every step of the way, to basically create that personalized experience, and increase the rate of conversion.


So for shoppers they’re just actually seeing products that they would likely purchase brought to the forefront of their e-mail inbox and what we’ve noticed that personalization is a booming place. That’s kind of becoming the forefront of e-commerce in general.


So Of course merchants like the Number one thing that they’re often tied to their tech stack as well as personalization.


Yeah, we see that all the time when we’re talking to our clients who don’t use personalization or our Our prospects, you know, when we? survey? Our market and the industry It constantly talking about personalization. So I think that that’s really important.


And so, while we’re talking about that, because, because, Sally, you talked about this, this like, site to cart, you know, experience, Carlos, jump in, and help us understand a little bit about e-mail, and e-mail marketing, and e-mail communications, in general.


I mean, obviously, I think everybody who’s listening today knows what e-mail is, and gets a ton of it, but what, what does it mean? You know, why is it so important? Why should this matter to people?


Absolutely. At a high level, e-mail offer superior ROI, and other channels marketers are used to study out there by Litmus A QA tool, sort of gold standard out there for Free, Milky Way, about 36 You make about $36 for every dollar you invest in e-mail marketing.


And from some of our own internal data at Klaviyo we find on average, about 20 to 30% of revenue generated from your e-commerce store can be attributed to your e-mail activities. And zooming out, right, you can really think about. e-mail is sort of an own channel, or you control the message, and you don’t have to depend on the classic digital marketing to Apple iOS, you know, Google or Facebook, to reach your audience where they own those rails. So, in a way, e-mail is very, you know, medical verge craft.


Alright, And there’s great centers that are rewarded greatly, and e-mail can be really effective down there, at the middle, to the bottom of the funnel, helping with conversion, with retention, with building long term relationships, that not many other marketing channels are well equipped to serve.


Great, yep.


High ROI, high ROI, and low cost of ownership, right? That’s sort of probably what every every merchant wants to hear in terms of ways to communicate with their shoppers.


So, let’s start talking a little bit about personalized e-mail recommendations in the Searchspring, Klaviyo integration. So, Salma, can you just give us a high level?


If I’m using this feature with Searchspring and clave you, how? how does it work? How does that work?


Yeah, for sure. So whether a customer is browsing for your store, making a purchase or simply adding items to your car or to their cart, Klaviyo and Searchspring are built following along.


So Klaviyo can follow up on these actions with an e-mail follow up. Where I started shipping is really evaluating this customer to understand what their preferences and likes are, and those are the two things that we’re trying to marry together.


So I can give you an example of for instance, if you have a customer who’s adding a bunch of stuff to their cart and then gets distracted and steps away, Claudio can follow up with an e-mail to say, Hey, you forgot this item in your cart. You want to come back and check it out.


Now we’re going to inject that further and enrich that experience by adding personalization into it.


So we can also have that e-mail include certain recommendations, like you might be interested in these products as well. And those recommended products have been specifically curated for this customer based on their behavior and their preferences.


So not only are you paying customers back to complete their purchase, you’re also providing recommendations of additional items to their cart that they can purchase as well, Got it.


So I’m already communicating with the shopper’s I might as well add personalization in there.


I might as well add things that They’re interested in they have they have some sort of hunger for one way or another, right? That’s, that’s what we’re doing. So, a couple of follow up questions to that I just think are important.


Um, The ability to send e-mail is just not the domain of Klaviyo, right? I mean, theoretically, I can send e-mail if I’m if I’m using my e-commerce platform.


So, so what is it? You know, about Klaviyo that makes that that process, the e-mail, sending more effective drives up the ROI, that sort of thing. Let’s, let’s talk about that first and then what it’s like to add to it.


Sure, thing I don’t want to miss out here.


Klaviyo offers, I think native integrations to major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, E-commerce, Woocommerce, et cetera, and a robust directory of third parties like Searchspring, that can transact that data to clear. Because I really think the data is the advantage as opposed to, you know, you’re just sending out mass e-mails to sort of faceless lists of customers that you’ve accumulated over time.


So, if you think of Klaviyo as a stack, right, we start with a foundation of owning that data, right, connecting those various sources, that offer insight across the entire customer journey.


In the middle, there’s a few tools built-in to experiment, and learn about your customers by gathering insights from that data.


And then, finally, there’s that orchestration and automation layer at the top to deliver that personalized content at scale.


Most marketing automation tools in the space today may focus on 1 or 2 layers of that stack, I just described.


That introduces a lot of complexity for marketers, which can be really difficult to navigate.


But Klaviyo does a really good job of simplifying that stack while balancing both sophistication with accessibility and ease of use.


So, worth considering when you’re out there looking for a tool to help scale things up quickly, we are the recommended e-mail partner solution for Shopify Plus.


Right, Yeah. It is amazing to me how these conversations, they always come back to the data and whether you have it or the quality of that data. I mean, both those things are still incredibly important.


You know, in, in my day job as a marketer at Searchspring, I think about that all the time. I’m constantly, constantly working on it. Where are we gonna get from, What’s the quality of it? All that sort of thing. So yeah, The ability to, not only communicate, but, do it in a, in an intelligent way, I think, is really important.


And Make sense of that.


So, So then, we turn to recommendations. I mean, I think that, Again, that’s something that, if I, if I look at the, my, my, the platform that my sites running on, I probably have the ability to recommend something already.


So, so what is, know, maybe, maybe Salma or Carlos, feel free to jump in on this once, what are we doing that’s different here than what I might think of as, as recommendations that I make it from some other platform?


Yeah. I can take this one.


So absolutely, There are other platforms that provide recommendations that what sets us apart as we really try to characterize our customers and get to know the full scope of who they are before you recommended products, Whereas other alternatives will typically recommend a product based on an isolated event.


So as an example, if it was a more isolated events, you can have a customer looking at sweaters, and they purchases fire.


Now, that might be considered as a preference for sweaters, and that product continues to get recommended back to them.


But that’s not how we operate at Searchspring. Our recommendation is much more robust, and we don’t take into consideration what that customer has done in the past and who they are overall in terms of their preferences. So, for instance, if we had a male shopper, and he’s always by mail clothing. and one day he apprenticed as a female sweater. Our recommendations engine can potentially take a moment to consider what they’ve done in the past and say, OK, this is a one-off. Maybe it was a gift item, so we don’t need to encompass it in our Recommendations engine going forward.


Yeah. Yeah. That’s, that’s really interesting it. It makes me think of a conversation I had with a client.


They had just started using Searchspring, And one of the things they were thinking through was, how, how do we change our business rules from, in terms of recommendations, Right? We’ve got, We’ve got years worth of smart people who are all our merchandising team. They’ve got lots of business rules that they put together.


How can we how can we make their business rules better? Or, how can we do something that isn’t, you know, or something that’s smarter than their business rules? And that’s really what they were looking for. And so I think putting those two things, putting those two things together is incredibly important. Carlos. Anything you want to add, in terms of adding recommendations to that e-mail process?


But just, you know, think as we sort of draw to a close here, and be interested to hear those facts, some final thoughts there.


Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I think, ultimately, using a tool like Searchspring and Klaviyo


together, you’re combining two solutions that have great specialization are in their core competencies, one being on site search, merchandising and the on-site experience with the for the press further down the funnel experience of those owned marketing channels, like SMS and e-mail. So, there you really just mirroring the experience between the two as a marketer, you are expressing consistency across those channels and supporting your chances of really monetizing that audience if you have through e-mail, because, again, not everybody can abuse e-mail once there’s this concept of deliverability rate, you want to be a good sender, and great centers are rewarded greatly. So, using relevant content like Searchspring, Gmail, personalization can really support that.


I know, thank you for saying that.


one of the things we always talk about same seem to get to in these webinars also is the idea that, you know, you still have to be a human being right there. This isn’t just a mechanized throwing the information out there.


This is, to two humans open a conversation with each other correctly. We do that when we go into A, into a retail store. So why aren’t we doing that on our, our e-commerce sites? I think it’s really important. Yeah. So some takeaways in Selma, you really pulled out the customer journey. That idea that I’m seeing something on the site. I’m taking that all the way to the end of my experience. Start. You know, and I like an e-mail in different parts of that life cycle, which is really great.


I think that lends itself to to product discovery.


And higher conversion rates, conversion rates and ROI, You know, Carlos, you really hit on that, and I appreciate that, too.


The idea that this is an owned channel, high ROI, low cost of ownership is really, is really a great thing. So, I appreciate that.


And then, and then also this idea that, you know, I’m putting together a stack of products that’s really going to drive the right data. The right data for me and the right data for me as a merchant means the right recommendation, the right opportunity for the shopper.


So, super excited about this integration. Really excited about personalized e-mail recommendations. Salma, thanks so much for the description, and the conversation. Carlos, great to see you again, and looking forward to, to working together as we build our, build, our customer bases and help people drive that type of recommendation through. Be really exciting.


Thanks, Jason. Thanks, Salma!


Alright, thanks. Thanks, everybody. Take care.


If you’d like to learn about integrating Searchspring + Klaviyo Email Recommendations and you’re already a Searchspring and Klaviyo user, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get squared away.

If you’re not a Searchspring user and would like to learn more about how to provide the ultimate shopper experience through Search, Personalization, Merchandising, and Insights, you can request a demo tailored especially for you.