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Searchspring Announces Integration with Customer Experience Platform Dotdigital

The newly announced partnership unites two leading ecommerce solutions–enabling personalized, digital touchpoints throughout the buyer journey

Searchspring Announces Integration with Customer Experience Platform Dotdigital

San Antonio, TX – Feb. 20, 2024 – Searchspring, the global leader in ecommerce site search, product merchandising, and ecommerce personalization, is excited to announce a new integration with Dotdigital, an all-in-one customer experience and data platform, to enhance email campaigns by suggesting products tailored to the recipient’s interactions with the brand. For the first time, ecommerce brands and retailers can harness the power of both solutions to deliver highly personalized product recommendations within their marketing touchpoints.

Today’s consumers expect individualized experiences both before and after they make a purchase. For merchants, that means personalizing the entire customer lifecycle–from their online store to their shoppers’ inboxes. From the moment a shopper visits an online store, to engaging with a brand’s email campaign, this integration enables merchants to deliver a truly unique and tailored customer journey that is based on past shopping behaviors.

“This integration will undoubtedly enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts by leveraging Searchspring’s personalized product recommendations within Dotdigital’s campaigns,” said Jen Kalant, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Searchspring. “By combining these two powerful tools, ecommerce retailers can expect to deliver more targeted and relevant content to their audience, ultimately driving higher engagement and conversion rates. We’re excited about the opportunities this collaboration will unlock for our customers.”

After shoppers visit a merchant’s site to browse pages and products, Searchspring’s personalization algorithm makes tailored recommendations based on shopper intent. Merchants can seamlessly sync product catalogs, customer data, purchase history, and search queries to Dotdigital through their EasyEditor tool, allowing brands to display personalized product recommendations in the shopper’s email.

“Searchspring’s site search and merchandising in combination with Dotdigital’s data profiling and customer experience capabilities will allow brands to drive even more value from their campaign,” said Patrick Schaeffler, Head of Technology Partnerships at Dotdigital. “The integration makes excellent use of our App blocks, giving our joint customers easy usability and access to data from both platforms. I’m super excited we are launching this new integration with our latest product release.”

About Searchspring

Searchspring is the global leading ecommerce search and personalization platform that enables merchants with powerful, unique, proven product discovery and shopping experiences since 2007. Companies such as Chubbies, Arhaus, Mattel, Fabletics, Peet’s Coffee, and SKIMS trust Searchspring to increase cart size, conversion, and repeat customers through enhanced search, merchandising, and personalization technology. Searchspring is a remote-first organization with offices globally including across the United States, Australia, and Canada with headquarters in San Antonio. Learn more about Searchspring by visiting

About Dotdigital

Dotdigital is an all-in-one customer experience and data platform (CXDP) that empowers marketing teams to exceed customer expectations with highly personalized cross-channel journeys. With Dotdigital, marketers can seamlessly unify, enrich, and segment customer data. Breaking down data silos, Dotdigital streamlines decision-making and paves the way for marketing creativity that delivers customer engagement at scale. Learn more about Dotdigital by visiting

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