With Searchspring, Spyder took control of the online shopping journey, replicating an enhanced experience both on and off the mountain.


Increase in Average Order Value


Overall Revenue Attributed to Search

Searchspring’s merchandising solutions enhance Spyder.com’s online experience, empowering them to curate and showcase their products with ease. By harnessing Searchspring’s capabilities, Spyder is constantly improving customer engagement, driving sales, and ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Gabriel Tome
Sr. Customer Success Manager, Searchspring

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The Brand

Founded in 1978 in Boulder, Colorado, Spyder is one of the world’s most recognizable and credible outdoor sportswear brands. Focused on enhancing the ski experience both on and off the mountain, Spyder prides itself on its advanced technical composition and style. 

Spyder’s mission is to create quality products that perform in all conditions and altitudes. They offer technical ski, fitness, swim, and lifestyle apparel and accessories for men, women, and children.

The highly sought-after brand is available in department stores, sporting goods stores, and specialty retailers throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, South Korea, and China.

The Partner

SLTWTR is an experienced design agency, creating award-winning websites, digital products, mobile apps, and custom software since 2005. 

SLTWTR’s nimble team of designer-developers come from the worlds of branding and lifestyle. They offer design and technology services along with digital tools, built specifically for lifestyle-inspired apparel ecommerce.

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The Challenges

Conversion rate optimization is a primary focus for the Spyder team when it comes to their online experience. With their wide-ranging product line, optimizing site search and navigation was critical in helping shoppers find the products they are looking for – and the items they were most likely to convert on. 

And, while Spyder was able to rearrange product displays with their native ecommerce platform, merchandising across multiple domains proved to be a labor-intensive process. 

With a lean in-house team, Spyder needed a robust solution that offered advanced capabilities like automation. Their focus to enhance the ski experience both on and off the mountain was also a driving force behind their desire to improve the online experience for their customers.

Having previously worked with Searchspring on a sister brand, Spyder knew just who to turn to for this.

The Solutions

In the Summer of 2022, Spyder integrated Searchspring on their search and category pages. To align with their business goals and save their team precious time, Spyder utilizes global boost rules to automatically influence product arrangement across the entire site. Ensuring newly released items that also had a high inventory count always appeared at the top of search and collection pages. 

Another feature they took advantage of was Searchspring’s custom filters. Shoppers could quickly and easily narrow down results by attributes like age, gender, season, and activity, ultimately leading them to the items that best fit their needs faster. Spyder’s team could also organize and modify filters in a way that made sense for the shopper experience.

When Searchspring announced the launch of Live Indexing for Shopify, Spyder was eager to implement the new feature. With Live Indexing enabled on their European domain – with the other three domains soon to come – updated product information was displayed even faster, ensuring their shoppers could find the most relevant products on-site. Along with Live Indexing, the Spyder team plans to leverage Searchspring’s Segmented Merchandising, A/B Testing, and Personalization to further enhance the online experience in 2023.

The Results

Within the first six months after implementing Searchspring, Sypder’s online store found that 20% of their overall revenue was attributed to shoppers using search. And with shoppers now finding the right products easier and faster, Spyder saw a 15% increase in average order value.

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