Searchspring and Absolute Web Launch New Module

Searchspring and Absolute Web have teamed up to develop a new open source, data tracking module for Magento 2 stores. This will allow retailers using the platform to quickly begin personalizing the online shopping experience post-implementation. 

As retailers and shoppers increasingly transition from in-store to online shopping, customers have come to expect the same level of service and experience from ecommerce. Personalization is key. 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized, and 91% say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.

How Does the Module Work?

It’s a little like GA tracking code, but for pushing Magento data into Searchspring. Searchspring is a learning platform, meaning the more data it can track, the more intelligent it becomes. The module will begin tracking shopper behavior even earlier on in the implementation process, so that when Searchspring goes live on a store, it’s already equipped with critical insights that allow for enhanced personalization

The module allows for the automatic installation of Searchspring Intellisuggest tracking scripts on product detail pages, cart pages, and the checkout success page, and the data gathered can be used to deliver personalized recommendations to shoppers.

An open source module, Magento developers will find it quick and easy to integrate.    

“Spirited Gifts is excited to launch Searchspring on our store this month. We are confident that it will enable us to deliver exceptional shopping experiences for our customers. The implementation process has been effortless. The Absolute Web team has helped us to replicate the look and feel of our website with Searchspring. All of this in hopes for a seamless customer experience. We look forward to the continued optimization we will be able to achieve with both Searchspring and Absolute Web,” says Jamie Futscher, CEO & Founder of Spirited Gifts

Absolute Web

Absolute Web is a digital commerce and creative marketing agency that builds brands, businesses, and cutting edge solutions. Named Most Promising Magento Solution Provider by CIOReview in 2020, their team has over 30 certified Magento solution specialists to ensure each project’s development is best-in-class. 

“Absolute Web decided to partner with Searchspring on building this Magento 2 module. They did so after seeing the value the platform has provided to our ecommerce clients. We’ve worked on multiple successful projects together in the past, and saw an opportunity to further enhance our joint offering with improved data tracking that we could make available to other Magento merchants as well.” says Sergiu Tabaran, Ecommerce Specialist at Absolute Web.

Searchspring’s Personalized Solutions

Searchspring has committed to investing heavily in personalized ecommerce solutions in 2021, including the public launch of Personalized Recommendations, Geographic Merchandising, and A/B Testing in Q1. The new releases will add to the platform’s established suite of search, merchandising, navigation, and reporting solutions. 

“Searchspring teamed up with Absolute Web as part of our continued effort to equip online retailers with the ability to deliver personalized shopping experiences. Absolute Web is a valued Searchspring partner, and was named our Multi-Platform Agency of the Year in 2020. We knew they would be the ideal agency to develop this module. This was due to their status as a market leader in Magento development,” says James Bathgate, VP of Implementations at Searchspring. 

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