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Partner Spotlight: Okendo

Okendo and Searchspring are Working Together to Power Meaningful Product Discovery Journeys that Increase Conversions, AOV, and Customer Loyalty.

Founded in 2018, Okendo is a unified customer marketing platform that enables brands to mobilize their customers for faster and more efficient growth. Their solutions for reviews, referrals, loyalty, quizzes, and surveys, make it easy to cultivate advocacy, scale word-of-mouth and maximize lifetime value. 

Turn Customers Into Superfans

8,000+ Shopify brands choose Okendo to gain actionable insights into customer preferences, drive customer advocacy, and deliver more personalized shopping experiences. 

Their full suite of solutions includes:

  • Reviews: Easily collect and showcase customer-generated content throughout the buying journey
  • Surveys: Capture in-the-moment data and insights for better customer experiences
  • Referrals: Turn your best customers into brand advocates 
  • Quizzes: Guide shoppers to products they love with personalized recommendations
  • Loyalty: Coming soon!

Okendo + Searchspring

With Okendo and Searchspring, brands can leverage customer feedback to power meaningful product discovery journeys that increase conversions, AOV, and customer loyalty.

Boody, a Sydney-based global apparel brand, provides its online shoppers with a fast path to purchase their most trusted products. Shoppers are easily able to find the social proof they are looking for by sorting search results by highest-rated.

“Getting the right product, in front of the right shopper, at the right time is critical. Together, Okendo and Searchspring help brands deliver highly relevant and personalized shopping experiences that increase conversions, activate your Superfans, and drive more revenue for your business.”

– Lindsay Kolinsky, Director of Marketing, Okendo

Brands like 2XU, Spyder Active Sports, P.E Nation and more, choose Okendo and Searchspring to deliver the ultimate shopping experience that increases cart size, conversions, and repeat customers. 

Ready to turn your customers into Superfans? Reach out to Okendo today.