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You’re on track to becoming a smarter etailer

Written by: Peter Messana - CEO

CEO Blog // March 3, 2020

Welcome to my weekly blog post, which you can also subscribe to and receive as a newsletter. This newsletter is actually written by me and not someone that is going to fluff it up. It is actually coming off my personal email address, which means you can reply to it and ask me questions or point out where you disagree. I am doing this newsletter as too much of what I read or listen to is filled with promotional pitches. As a matter of fact, the podcast I listened to recently sounded like the interviewee paid to be on the show to pitch his company. This newsletter will have no pitches. I may mention our products but only as examples.

I look to share my personal views on everything from ecommerce to software and probably a bit of none of that. My hope is that I enlighten sometimes, inspire other times, but most of all, I look to never bore you. I’d love to answer questions from anyone that wants to ask me anything but don’t worry, I have a long list of things I would love to share either way.

Since this is the first edition I thought I would start with a list of the 10 best books for ecommerce. This isn’t my list, I would be remiss to pretend I could whip this up, instead, I am sharing a list Shopify leaders put together. After all, they seem to have quite the grasp on ecommerce these days. You can view the list here.


Searchspring has merged with Nextopia!!! Click here for all the details!