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Choosing a 3rd party search provider

Choosing a 3rd party search provider If you’ve realized your search solution isn’t cutting it for you, what should you… Read more »

An etailers introduction to Ecommerce Merchandising

Is merchandising a new thing for you? Curious about how to get started? Here’s some powerful and easy strategies you can deploy right away.

Built-In Search vs. Intelligent Search

What’s the deal with built-in site search? Does it suck or is it good enough?

Shopify Unite 2020

Shopify Unite 2020

At Shopify Unite, developers and partners come together to celebrate shared accomplishments, forge new connections and, ignite the future of… Read more »

IRCE 2020

IRCE 2020

IRCE is your one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce needs. This conference and trade show offers you everything your business needs… Read more »

Early 2019 Product Update Webinar Recording + Slides

In this webinar we share some product updates and performance statistics from last year, along with an update on how… Read more »

February 2019

Full Momentum on Spelling Correction Early testing on our brand new automatic spelling correction is well underway, and excellent progress… Read more »

Early 2019 Partner Webinar Recording + Slides

In this webinar we show you how we did last year, and want to provide an exciting update on how… Read more »

Magento Imagine 2020

Imagine 2020

Imagine started eight years ago with a grand vision: to connect the global eCommerce community. Today, it brings together 3,000+ eCommerce… Read more »

2018 By-the-Numbers

2018 is officially over, and our customers have seen some of the best numbers ever. We also worked hard to… Read more »

Ecommerce Site Search: How it Works and Why It’s Not Good Enough

Online shopping is becoming more difficult for shoppers as more products and options are available than ever before. People now… Read more »

November 2018

Entering a Code Freeze In order to ensure the absolute reliability of our systems during the busiest time of year… Read more »

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