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Ecommerce Fashion Webinar: Prepare for Your Upcoming Seasonal Collection

Scale Your Fashion and Apparel Site

Staying on top of seasonal trends is vital to achieving long-term success in the fashion industry. Our recent webinar shared practical tips, strategies, and insights from our panel of ecommerce industry experts, hosted by Searchspring’s Head of APAC, Kate Massey.

We’ll heard some fantastic insights about how to prepare for your next collection and dive into merchandising, personalization, and search best practices that will take your online store from basic to fabulous.

Fashion ecommerce is a fast-paced, rapidly evolving industry. Providing customers with a seamless experience in peak shopping seasons can build brand loyalty, boost conversions and improve customer retention.

At the ecommerce fashion webinar, you’ll learn to learn the following:
  • Latest fashion and apparel ecommerce trends
  • Providing a seamless user experience
  • Preparing for peak shopping seasons
  • Merchandising rules across geographies
  • Going global vs staying local

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights from ecommerce fashion industry experts and become a trendsetter.

Access your on-demand webinar now!


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Meet Your Ecommerce Fashion Panel of Experts

Kate Massey
Kate Massey

Head of APAC | Searchspring

Alyssa Thomas
Alyssa Thomas

Head of Ecommerce | Aje

Sera Volau
Sera Volau

Ecommerce Product Manager | Kookai

Matt Page
Matt Page

Head of Digital & Marketing | St Frock