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Prepare for Black Friday

Turn Last Year's Seasonal Buyers Into Repeat Customers this Holiday Season

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On August 10th at 12pm EDT / 9am PDT Searchspring hosted a 1-hour live webinar featuring an expert panel from Attentive, ResellerRatings, Simplistic, and Searchspring, where we talked about how to turn last year’s seasonal buyers into repeat customers this holiday season.

Of course, the holidays are a fantastic time to acquire new customers. But, where might you see the biggest return on your investments into your seasonal campaigns? Repeat visitors are 8 times more likely to convert than first time buyers so look no further than last year’s BFCM buyers. 

You’ve already got data that says, “This person bought this item on this date”. That data alone can be used in a wide variety of ways to personalize your communications, make recommendations, and provide upsell or cross-sell opportunities in advance. In a year where we anticipate even early shopping sprees, “in advance” really means right now.

This webinar is part 2 of our 5-part BFCM webinar series designed to help you prepare each step along the way. In this session, we’ll help you design your repeat buyer strategy with expert tips on:

  • Reviewing the shopping behavior data of 2021 BFCM buyers
  • Building a strategy to re-engage past buyers with personalized recommendations
  • Finding ways to reward your fanbase
  • How and when to communicate with past buyers

Ready to turn last year’s seasonal buyers into repeat customers? Watch it today!

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