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Personalizing the Shopper Experience

Trends, Stats, and Best Practices to Scale Personalization Across Your Ecommerce Site

On May 18th at 12pm EST/9am PST, Serachspring will be hosting a 1-hour live webinar with an expert panel from Yotpo, Verbal + Visual, and Searchspring where we will talk about the latest trends, stats and best practices to scale personalization across your ecommerce site.

Profits Soar with Personalization 

Did you know that personalized websites yield 10-15% higher conversions and 20% higher customer satisfaction? The cost of acquiring new customers declines and retention rates improve – which is 25% cheaper than acquiring new customers. Brands that personalize their sites typically see their profits soar by 25% to 95%. 

But, most retailers are still in their personalization infancy. Mckinsey research shows that only 15% of retailers have fully implemented personalization and 80% are still defining their strategy or have a small personalization footprint. It’s not easy! Between data management, analytics cross-functional alignment, and all the tools on the market, retailers have a difficult time getting off the ground.

To help you overcome these blockers and build a personalization strategy that works, we’ve invited an expert panel to discuss the following areas:

  • Why it is important to personalize your ecommerce site
  • Learn to build your personalization strategy
  • How to overcome  internal and external obstacles 
  • Best practices and 2022 trends
  • Real-life examples of awesome and not-so-awesome personalized sites 

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