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How to Convert Browsers Into Buyers

More people are browsing ecommerce stores than ever before, but they’re not necessarily buying. Many site visitors are passively shopping from home, often while distracted or multitasking. But that doesn’t mean there’s no chance of them converting.

As an ecommerce retailer, your challenge is to guide browsers to a product that will motivate them to purchase, even when they’re not actively planning to spend. Site navigation, product arrangement, and merchandising are key to grabbing an absent-minded shopper’s attention.

Searchspring’s Mike Masten presents actionable examples of how retailers can turn browsers into buyers in this webinar. Download to find out how to drive increased conversions with:

  • Site navigation that makes it easier to narrow results to shopper preferences
  • Merchandising that highlights your most popular products and special offers
  • Recommendations that hook shoppers in with relevant suggestions

Meet the speakers

Mike Masten
Mike Masten

Account Development Representative at Searchspring

Avid online shopper with 3+ years of ecommerce experience.


This webinar was part of a half-day virtual event hosted by ROI Revolution alongside Searchspring, Trustpilot, and BigCommerce to talk about the customer buyer journey from awareness to conversion and beyond. Check out the full event.