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Your Last-Minute Ecommerce Checklist Before BFCM

Our 15-minute webinar delivers the top tips for brands to personalise the shopping experience and increase conversions for every online sales event.


On-Demand Webinar

Throughout 2023, we’ve seen more strategic buying behaviours. Shoppers are making more considered purchases and holding out for sales events.

With massive figures recorded during last year’s BFCM sales period, online retailers are preparing for another huge sales opportunity.

How can you make sure you’ve considered everything to make 2023 your most successful BFCM sale to date?

Our on-demand webinar covers:

👓 Making sure your brand and its BFCM offers get noticed by the right consumers

🔎 Helping your shoppers find the right sale items (and get to the checkout) faster

📦 Incentivising customers to re-convert faster with instant refunds

👗 Delivering unique and personalised experiences that promote product discovery, re-conversion, and higher customer lifetime value

🛒 Staying front-of-mind and increasing customer retention and loyalty well beyond BFCMAnd much more!Save your place now to join us live (and to receive priority access to the recording).

And a whole lot more to unpack.

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