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The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown: User-Generated Content

Black Friday in neon; Text: Black Friday / Cyber Monday Content


Black Friday / Cyber Monday Content – Get ready for the most online Black Friday & Cyber Monday in history with The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown! This episode features Ivonne Aldaz, Marketing Specialist at TINT, who will be sharing innovative user-generated content ideas to inspire your holiday campaigns.

With budgets slashed and content production grinding to a halt in 2020, there’s no better time to ramp up your UGC game. Ivonne will show how brands can use this moment to stop talking “at” customers, and start facilitating more authentic connections through shared customer experiences.

Listen in to hear her thoughts on:

  • Shoppable UGC that converts in as few clicks as possible
  • Letting your testimonials do the talking with repurposed UGC
  • The increasingly blurred line between product and experience
  • Being present everywhere vs doubling down where your customers are
  • Tapping into the impulsivity and fast-paced nature of UGC purchases

If you’ve been waiting for a sign that it’s time to explore user-generated content for ecommerce, 2020 has been it. Find out how to incorporate it into your upcoming campaigns with The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown!

The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown

The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown is a series of videos focused on inspiring your holiday campaigns and help you prepare for the most online Black Friday & Cyber Monday to date. Our expert guest speakers shared their insights on how retailers can tap into:

  • Branded content marketing
  • Nano-influencer opportunities
  • Behavioural and triggered email
  • User-generated content and social commerce
  • Paid advertising

Meet the speakers

 Ivonne Aldaz
Ivonne Aldaz

Marketing Specialist, TINT

Ivonne Aldaz is a Marketing Specialist at TINT – a global enterprise platform that helps collect, curate, and distribute user-generated content (UGC) at scale. She currently writes and distributes a weekly newsletter on Future of Marketing – a community initiative by TINT that analyzes global trends, brand strategies, and marketing campaigns elevating the voice of REAL people. She has 10+ years in marketing and has worked across various industries and creative disciplines.
Connect with Ivonne on Twitter.

JoAnn Martin
JoAnn Martin

VP of Marketing, Searchspring

JoAnn has held leadership roles at a variety of emerging and growth-stage SaaS companies, most recently Hanzo and Provenir, where she focused on developing unique identity and positioning while building high-performing teams. From experience in the venture agency space and consulting for the Microsoft Incubation team, JoAnn brings a focus on community building and accelerated growth.
Connect with JoAnn on LinkedIn.