Site Search & Merchandising for Shopify+

Can SearchSpring leverage all of my product data?

Yes, and more. We not only take in all of your standard data, but we leverage your tags, meta fields, and product variants.

Is SearchSpring a Shopify "App" that I can install on my own?

No. We're a white-glove integrated solution. You don't' have to do anything. Our experts handle the integration process for you after signup.

How long does SearchSpring's integration take?

We put human eyes on every step of the process and average 3-6 weeks. Our experts take the time to perform a full data audit, assess functionality requirements, and match your store's UI/UX and business logic. All of that to say, we ensure SearchSpring is uniquely optimized for your store before going live.

SearchSpring is a robust integrated solution that gives you the control to optimize your results and merchandising campaigns. From hello to high-fives, our experts are in it with you all the way.

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Here’s how we’ll help you deliver more relevant results

If you’ve done any research, you’ve already heard a lot about relevancy. But... what does that really mean, and how do you get it?



Ecommerce Site Search & Navigation

Product Awareness

Distinguish between products and accessories, delivering the most relevant results.

Natural Language Processing

Automatically understand the semantics of each customer's search query.


Search and navigation is carefully personalized to a shopper's individual tastes, surfacing products they're more likely to buy.

Machine Learning

Every shopper, every interaction, every purchase and bounce - it's all recorded and used to optimize your results.

Build and curate your search and category landing pages

Merchandising for Ecommerce

Promote and Demote Product Rankings

Display the most relevant products that are also important to your business objectives. Promote relevant products to the top of the results by margin, brand, newness, or a host of other metrics that matter to you.

Visual Merchandising

Build and launch landing pages in minutes. Merchandise your search and category pages. Quickly drag and drop products, bulk upload products, and manually set facets order.


Ecommerce Analytics & Reporting

Revenue Insights

Full transparency into what percentage of your revenue is coming from site search, category navigation, recommendations and more.

Product Insights

Gain insight into which products are performing, under performing and find opportunities.

Search Insights

Gain insights into your most popular, top revenue generating and top converting search terms.

Category Insights

Quickly understand your winners and losers in your category and subcategory pages.

Starting at / per month

$ 499 95

Relevant Site Search
Analytical Insights

Reduce the time required to merchandise, increase customer lifetime value and revenue.

Great fit for those who:

Have more than 2 million in online revenue

Have more than 500 products

Exact pricing is dependent upon traffic and product count


We’ve automated it all and left you the controls to make it unique

With 1000’s of clients spread over a decade, there’s one thing we’ve learned. Every store is unique and there’s never a one-size-fits all solution. We make sure our relevancy algorithm does it all, but not at the expense of your business objectives.

It's not just software. We stay involved.

SearchSpring is more than a set of tools. When you have SearchSpring, you get a dedicated business coach and senior technical support - and we're all based in the U.S.

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