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Searchspring: API Integration with Yotpo!

Written by: Lane Fries

Article // February 25, 2014

social reviews and ecommerce

Searchspring is excited to announce our new API integration with Yotpo – a leading e-commerce platform that helps businesses market online via social reviews and user-generated content. Since 2011, Yotpo has been providing the best social review and content sharing experience on the web. Yotpo currently serves more than 30,000 businesses worldwide and around 50 million consumers a month.

With the e-commerce industry focusing towards ‘user-experience’ and consumers showing significant interest in online shopping this year, our new integration is the perfect solution to enable a richer, more relevant shopping experience for consumers. Using Searchspring and Yotpo, together, e-commerce merchants will have the power to optimize and merchandise their stores with user-generated and reviewed information.

How We Integrate:

A few industry leading shopping carts offering Searchspring and Yotpo integrations:
(not limited to, both companies integrate with almost all shopping platforms)

Once integrated, the Yotpo and Searchspring platforms work together to create additional sales using social data to drive purchases. With Yotpo, shoppers are able to add product reviews (ratings and descriptions) on-site, and share product recommendations via social media channels.

Customer review highlights within Searchsprings’ product display:

Social Commerce product results

Customer reviews on each product page:

Social Media Product Reviews

Social sharing within the product page:

ecommerce and social sharing buttons
Merchants can gather the social media activity and advanced analytics on shoppers behaviors for business intelligence via Yotpo’s platform as well. The layering of Searchspring with Yotpo utilizes the review scores as product facets within the data feed, allowing for shoppers to filter products based on popularity and review performance via our advanced category navigation.

Searchspring category navigation with review-based filters

The image below shows (left highlight) Searchspring’s faceted navigation built around Yotpo’s reviews. The top highlight shows the additional sorting that shoppers can utilize while inside the customer rated results. On the bottom right, that highlight shows the inclusion of Yotpo’s reviews from within the product display on all results pages.

Reasons to try these Solutions:

Ecommerce industry statistics:

  • Product reviews on-site can increase conversion rates of up to 76%
  • Websites using faceted navigation report higher conversion rates and return shoppers
  • 61% of shoppers read product reviews before purchasing
  • 86% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a product or service for a better experience
  • In Europe, repeat shoppers account for 26% of total online revenue
  • Consumer reviews are 12x more trusted than traditional product descriptions
  • Improvements in usability, like upgrading navigation and information flow, can deliver up to 83% return on investment

The Power of Advanced Merchandising

Using both platforms in tandem, merchants are able to create communities around their products via online social spheres while heightening product performance and relevancy within their storefront. Consumers can, with ease, create and share personalized product reviews, or drill down on the most popular products via peer recommendations in a content-rich environment. Additionally, as shoppers use the reviews and score products, IntelliSuggest analyzes these behaviors and adjusts product display in order to elevate average order value (AOV).

Consumers are looking for websites that provide great products and excellent experiences. It’s up to the retailers to meet those expectations and exceed them. Using Searchspring and Yotpo, retailers can provide community reviews and optimized product results, together, enhancing the users experience and boosting sales.

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Searchspring boosts personalization engine with 4-Tell acquisition. Click here for more details!