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Shoppers often have a difficult time thinking of the best way to search for products on an online store. They don’t know how much detail, how many words, which words, or what order the words should go in. Additionally, shoppers that are new to a store might not be familiar with all of the products carried and could use help familiarizing themselves with the store by exploring what most people search for. Show them with Popular Searches!

popular searches

Our new Popular Searches in AutoComplete works to help guide your shoppers to a more solid path to conversion. When a shopper clicks into the search box, we provide a list of the store’s top most popular search queries from the past 90 days. The shopper can select a suggestion from this list, or begin typing as usual.

What are the benefits?

Showing popular queries brings a more solid path to higher conversion rates by giving shoppers an idea of the best practices of search patterns on a store, which aids them in finding what they need with a better chance of good relevancy. It lowers exit rates by offering new shoppers another avenue to explore the most popular content on the site, and giving hesitant shoppers who have drawn a blank an idea of what to look for. Additionally, this results in more consistent shopper searching patterns, which allows merchants to focus on merchandising fewer pages – this in turn makes for higher merchant workplace efficiency.

Who can get it?

Any store that has been integrated using our most recent standard catalog can have this feature at this time. Reach out to your customer success representative if you’d like more information on your store’s eligibility.

How much does it cost?

Free of charge.

Do I need to do any work on my side to get this?

No. Simply reach out to us with your request, and we can make all of the necessary changes on our side.

Can I use an API for this?

There will be an API available for this in the future, however it is not currently ready for use. Keep an eye out on the AutoComplete API section of the Knowledge Base.

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