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Show your shoppers when their search is being expanded

If you are taking advantage of Searchspring’s Expanded Search feature, you can now provide transparency to your shoppers when it occurs! We can now add specific verbiage or custom content to appear on result pages where Expanded Search took effect.


Expanded Search can reduce the number of exits that merchants see by ensuring that customers see fewer “zero results pages”. Instead of returning no results, Loose Search shows similar products by expanding the algorithm to allow products to show that aren’t an exact match for the original search query.

Know who to go to

Who you gonna call? Your Customer Success Representative! Now it’s quicker and easier than ever to see who you can contact at any time for questions, comments, or help.


The icon appears at the bottom right when you log into the Searchspring Management Console, and clicking it reveals more details. If you don’t see this on your account, you can always email success@prod.searchspring.local with any questions!

Turn around your new sites faster

Launching a new site for a different language? Or perhaps a staging site for your store? We have created capabilities to streamline the site duplication process, which means that your site gets to market faster than ever.

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