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Ecommerce category navigation, faceting, and filtering

Provide a better navigation experience for your shoppers

ecommerce navigation faceting and filtering
ecommerce dynamic and smart navigation

Dynamically display the most relevant facets. Improve how your customers shop.

Deliver the most relevant facets and results to each shopper

ecommerce shopper browsing life cycle

Faceting, filtering, and sorting 


The amount and type of facets you can add on your site are nearly limitless.

Let your shoppers refine their search results, making their final product selection easier.


Need help finding the right solution? Have pricing questions?

A better navigation makes for a better shopping experience

Display the facets you want on any listing page and re-organize them to suit your needs.

Customize the options you give shoppers and allow them to hard sort products by price, date, size, and more.

Multi-select, grid boxes, palette options, sliders, and image as facets. Virtually no limits to your displayable facet options.

Giving you the power to have your facet fields dynamically ordered depending on the context of the shopper’s page.

We won’t show a facet if there are not any values for it in the current product set.

Only show facets with the most products that have values for that facet, and order facets by those with the most applicable products.

Drag and drop any pinned facets to show up in the exact order you’d like shoppers to see.

Pinned Facets will show up at the top of the facet list in the exact order you have selected. These facets can be dragged around to re-order them as you’d like.

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New: Personalized Recommendations that suggest hyper-relevant products in the moments that matter. Learn more!