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Provide A Better Navigation Experience For Your Shoppers

Dynamically display the most relevant facets. Improve how your customers shop.


Faceting, filtering, sorting and category navigation

From smart automation to user-friendly manual control, display your facets and navigation any way you want.

Manually Set Facet Order

Display the facets you want on any listing page and re-organize them to suit your needs.


Customize the options you give shoppers and allow them to hard sort products by price, date, size, and more.

Facet Types

Multi-select, grid boxes, palette options, sliders, and image as facets. Virtually no limits to your displayable facet options.

Auto Eliminate Empty Facets

We won't show a facet if there are not any values for it in the current product set.

Only Show Relevant Facets

Only show facets with the most products that have values for that facet, and order facets by those with the most applicable products.

Drag + Drop Facet Order

Drag and drop any pinned facets to show up in the exact order you'd like shoppers to see.

We love to see our customers succeed!

We had tried two other search and merchandising providers and were still plagued with low conversion and high bounce rates. SearchSpring was the first provider that had a very intuitive interface and strong relevancy out of the box. They were able to turn our metrics around in 90 days and has been a pleasure to work with.

Reggie Ross


It’s important to us that our technological partners are able to keep up with the demands of our business. In this case, that meant speed and flexibility, both of which SearchSpring was able to deliver to all our shoppers. SearchSpring has also been much more transparent about the development of their solution, showing us that they will continue to innovate and make their product even better.

Erik Goodlad


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