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The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown: Influencer Marketing

ecommerce influencer marketing

Get ready for the most online Black Friday & Cyber Monday in history with The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown! This week, we’re joined by Paul Benigeri, Co-Founder and Partner at EAG, to explore influencer marketing for ecommerce on a thrifty budget.

Paul has the advantage of also being VP of Growth & Engineering at DTC brand, H.V.M.N, and brings his first-hand ecommerce knowledge to his work in influencer marketing. Challenges with cost, scalability, and engagement led him to re-think the traditional approach to influencer marketing for ecommerce, and he thinks it’s time for other brands to do the same.

He’ll be sharing his insights on:

  • When to gift and when to pay – and setting expectations for both
  • Transactional campaigns vs a nurtured community of influencers
  • Finding nano-influencers that your audience already engage with
  • Creating intrigue in an era of short attention spans
  • Why you should treat holiday influencer campaigns like your Superbowl ad

Watch now to learn how you can leverage influencer marketing in your holiday strategy

Meet the speakers

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Paul Benigeri, Co-Founder and Partner, EAG
Paul Benigeri is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at EAG, a top digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California.Previously, Paul was part of the founding team at H.V.M.N. — Health via Modern Nutrition, and served as Vice President, Engineering and Growth. At H.V.M.N., Paul was in charge of the e-commerce business, from demand generation and marketing down to platform engineering and optimization. Some highlights include building the H.V.M.N. Blog into one of the most trafficked health blogs in the ketogenic diet space.
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JoAnn Martin, VP of Marketing, Searchspring
JoAnn has held leadership roles at a variety of emerging and growth-stage SaaS companies, most recently Hanzo and Provenir, where she focused on developing unique identity and positioning while building high-performing teams. From experience in the venture agency space and consulting for the Microsoft Incubation team, JoAnn brings a focus on community building and accelerated growth. 
Connect with JoAnn on LinkedIn

The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown

Kicking off this September, The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown will deliver fresh content every two weeks to inspire your holiday campaigns and help you prepare for the most online Black Friday & Cyber Monday to date. Our expert guest speakers will be sharing their insights on how retailers can tap into:

  • Branded content marketing
  • Nano-influencer opportunities
  • Behavioural and triggered email
  • User-generated content and social commerce
  • And much more!

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