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The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown: Email Marketing

Get ready for the most online Black Friday & Cyber Monday in history with The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown! Adam Kitchen, CEO of Magnet Monster joins us in this episode to share how brands can build authentic connections with customers via ecommerce email marketing, and ultimately drive increased sales as a result.

Adam predicts more retailers will opt out of the traditional race to the bottom on price this Black Friday, and instead turn their focus to the sentiment of the season after a difficult year. As well as providing a UK perspective on the holiday shopping season, Adam will walk through:

  • Successful holiday selling without heavy discounts
  • Why brands that rely on paid ads are in for a reality check
  • Building loyalty through value-add content, and rewarding repeat customers
  • Why “established” trumps “sexy” when it comes to marketing channels
  • How the batch and blast approach shows disdain for your customers

If you’re just using ecommerce email marketing to broadcast discounts, you’re missing out on conversion opportunities. Register for the videocast to revamp your strategy in time for the holiday season!

Watch now to learn how you can leverage email marketing in your holiday strategy

Adam Kitchen, CEO, Magnet Monster
Adam is an ecommerce entrepreneur passionate about helping businesses owners run profitable companies. With over 13 years experience in digital marketing, he founded Magnet Monster because he believes email marketing remains the most profitable and under-utilised channel for scaling ecommerce stores. Magnet Monster helps ecommerce brands attract, convert, and retain more customers with bespoke email marketing automation and campaigns.
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JoAnn Martin, VP of Marketing, Searchspring
JoAnn has held leadership roles at a variety of emerging and growth-stage SaaS companies, most recently Hanzo and Provenir, where she focused on developing unique identity and positioning while building high-performing teams. From experience in the venture agency space and consulting for the Microsoft Incubation team, JoAnn brings a focus on community building and accelerated growth. 
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The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown

Kicking off this September, The 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Countdown will deliver fresh content every two weeks to inspire your holiday campaigns and help you prepare for the most online Black Friday & Cyber Monday to date. Our expert guest speakers will be sharing their insights on how retailers can tap into:

  • Branded content marketing
  • Nano-influencer opportunities
  • Behavioural and triggered email
  • User-generated content and social commerce
  • And much more!

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