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‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

My Only Hope is That Everyone Has a Moment to Spend with Their Family and Enjoy the Moment

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, which for all retailers is the feast before Black Friday.

We are all going to gorge on Turkey. This means we spend countless hours preparing and cooking our meals and our families will devour the food in mere minutes. We will spend more time cleaning up than eating.

The irony is that this is no different than the Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday sales that retailers will be running.

They will have spent so much time preparing for the days and when they come they will go fast. The time spent fulfilling the orders and cleaning up the aftermath will be almost no different than discarding the carcass of the turkey. The only difference is that some will make soup with the turkey carcass while retailers will just be sweating through the fulfillment of the mad rush.

The funny thing is that we do this to ourselves. The over-prepping, the mad rush for Thanksgiving dinner, and the sales that are run. We can’t help ourselves, we know that we will just feel terrible after it, but we still do it. It is almost addicting.

My only hope is that everyone has a moment to spend with their family and sit back and relax. Put down the carving knife, close the laptop, hug a loved one, and just enjoy the moment. The sales will likely be unprofitable, the foot will be too much. We will still do it, but maybe we can take a moment to look back and enjoy the day.


Happy Thanksgiving,