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Pathways to Product Innovation

2023 is Going to be Our Biggest Year for Product Innovation, New Features, and Continued Stability – and We're Just Getting Started

As we approach this year’s holiday shopping season, I thought it was good to take a look back over the last 12 months as we enter our code freeze and batten down the hatches.

Over the past three years, we have invested heavily in engineering and product. A lot of the work is not visible to users as we are constantly upgrading the backend of the product to make it more stable and performant. Those that have been with us for the last three years, know that this was necessary and important. However, it hasn’t stopped us from building new functionality and more client-facing items. We have just really started.

Not yet publicly announced through our public relations channels is that we have a new CTO and are in the process of hiring a new Head of Product. We are committed to continuing our investment and building best-in-class tools to truly drive the ultimate shopping experience. The announcement of the Strategic Investment from PSG is the beginning of the next leg in this process to drive the mission of giving merchandisers superpowers, and I look forward to sharing all the new things on tap for 2023 shortly.

In the meantime, I thought it would be good to quickly recap some of the excitement of 2022 we are not always the best at celebrating.

  • Live Indexing – Teaming with Shopify, we can now update our index in near real-time, typically under 5 minutes from change to display. We will be expanding this to our other platform partners in 2023.
  • Personalized Search – Our 2020 acquisition of 4-Tell was to tap into their technology to deliver a personalized shopping experience. We released this and now can iterate on it in 2023.
  • Email Recommendations – Teaming with Klaviyo we now can power personalized recommendations in your emails. Look for more partners launching early in 2023.
  • Improved Spell Corrector – We are constantly looking at ways to improve our core systems and upgrade things that just should work – we want them to work better.
  • Upgraded Reporting – We have launched a big project to redo all of our reporting, it has started with just a couple of reports getting fully rearchitected and rewritten for performance. Tons of improvements coming in 2023 now that we have the base in place.

As mentioned, tons of other enhancements, and we are just getting started. 2023 is going to be our biggest year for features with continued stability!

In the meantime, batten down the hatches, we will all through this season!