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inc 5000: Not Just Another Award

This Award is About the Entire Company, Our Employees, Our Customers, and Our Partners

Awards are fun, when you were a kid and you won that three-legged race you were excited for the ribbon. We all love getting awards and being rewarded.

It doesn’t really change when you get older, only they are a little different in terms of the type of award and how you got it.

We recently got the Best Places to Work in San Antonio award. This is a great accomplishment of how we hire and manage our team. It is a bit of a ‘thank you’ award from the employees.

This week we got the inc5000 fastest-growing private companies award. This one to me is more holistic and much more rewarding. The reason I see it that way is simple, it is about the entire company, our employees, our customers, and our partners.

You don’t grow as fast as we have been growing just by being a great place to work. Sure the team is super important but you also need supportive customers, supportive partners, and all that happens behind the scenes. 

For that, I would like to publicly thank our current customers, our current partners, and of course, our current and former employees. Without all of you, and the overwhelming support, we would not be growing as fast as we are and this award wouldn’t be given to us.

The reason I call this inc5000 ‘Not just another award’ is because most of the others are vanity awards and don’t encompass the entire company and the entire ecosystem of the company, its customers, and its partners.

So again, thank you all for everything you have done and for being a part of something special.