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Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year

Happy Holidays, I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the time with family or friends. 

This time of year is always a bit difficult for my family as my young children have lost all their great grandparents and all but one grandparent. With the Holiday time traditionally being a time when our families would celebrate together it has changed the dynamic a bit, even as we focus on building new traditions with our children and focus on the positives.

This time of year also brings a good time to retrospectively think about how the prior year went and what you want to accomplish in the new year. I am not one for New Year resolutions but the change of the year does provide a nice point in time to reflect and plan ahead. It is always nice to be off for a week to get reinvigorated.

I am excited for 2022 and what is in store. As a company, we are set up to continue the momentum and truly give merchandisers superpowers and accelerate their bottom line. 

I lead the best team out there focusing on search and merchandising and from the bottom of my heart, thank you to all those that are current customers.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

Happy Holidays! Peter